1. JJ says

    It’s probably about jobs – a union deal or something. Lightbulbs only burn out because with turning on and off the filaments keep expanding and contracting until ultimately they break. The bulb lasts longer if you turn it on and leave it on.

    But the union lightbulb screwer-inners would be unemployed if that happened…

    And as a measure to save the earth it’s a net loss, of course, because now you’ll have more bulbs needing replacement, which means the famous “Le Lightbulb Replaceaur” company’s fleet of little vans will have to be on the road more, releasing more carbon dioxide into the air, adding to the already chaotic Paris traffic and increasing the risk of accidents by putting more vehicles on the road… and on and on.

    Very French. Almost as inventive as being very California.

  2. says

    The French long ago departed this universe for a land of fiction and fantasy.

    Comment by Danny Lemieux | January 31, 2007

    hunting for truffles?

    France gets a lot of their electricity from nuke plants, so electricity should be cheap. Light bulbs, should be more expensive. More expensive is good, since more kickbacks. Like France with the UN.

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