I’m a “warmonger”

I was told yesterday that I am a “warmonger.”  I opposed the invasion of Iraq.  But I’m a warmonger.  I believe that war should be used only as a last resort.  But I am a warmonger.  Why?  Well, because I refuse to denounce all war as evil.  Because I believe that when someone declares war on me, my nation, my culture, my way of life, self defense is a valid, moral response.  Because I self-identify as a conservative.  I am a warmonger.

Modern day leftists devalue the language with meaning-twisting, Alice in Wonderland word play.   The same person tells me I’m a racist because I committed the sin of being born with white skin and I can only hope, if I completely denounce my whiteness, to aspire to the title of recovering racist.  Yet those who actively and openly discriminate are not racists; as long as they discriminate against white folks, they’re just engaged in “affirmative action.”  If a women causes the foetus in her womb to be removed, she’s merely exercising a “right to choose” as if the choice, not the act, is all that matters . . . as if thieves are merely exercising their right to choose to steal,  murderers are merely exercising their right to kill, dishonest businessmen are merely exercising their right to make money.

If we are going to communicate with each other we have to speak a common language.  Perhaps we can start by giving words their proper and common meaning instead of twisting them into meaninglessness.  Let’s talk.  But let’s speak English, okay? 

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