I’m back — and have been so busy unpacking and tidying, that I haven’t even read the headlines.  I did, however, want to tell you that, if you find yourself near Goleta, California (north of Santa Barbara) in winter, you absolutely must visit the Coronado Butterfly Preserve.  Tens of thousands of monarch butterflies spend the winter there, and it is one of nature’s more amazing sights.  We didn’t get to see too many butterflies this time, both because it’s a bit late in the season and because so many died several years ago during a bad storm, but it’s still impressive.  At any given moment, hundreds flutter about in the air, and those clusters of orange leaves you see on the eucalyptus trees aren’t leaves at all, but thousands of butterflies.  It’s both peaceful and exhilarating.

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  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    We’ve been to the one near Bodega Bay….which is also just out toward the surf from the installation of bells and so on that honor the little boy killed (by mistake) by criminals who thought the rental car his parents were driving was a courier carrying jewels….AND, his parents donated his organs, causing a sensation because that just isn’t done in Italy.

    Anyhow, Bodega’s “roost” hasn’t as many Monarchs as farther south, but it’s VERY impressive just the same.

    And, for those who don’t know, the Monarchs from the entire east coast fly all the way to the mountains in central Mexico and roost in evergreens up there for the winter. Incredible natural wonder that occurs anew every single year.