It made me laugh

Light blogging continues as I re-immerse myself into the news world.  Last night, thanks to the miracle that is TiVo, we caught up on all the Jay Leno shows that we missed.  It was a weak week’s worth of shows, but I enjoyed a moment when Mitch Fatel, one of Leno’s funnier contributors, visited to the NBA All-Stars Game (or whatever it was called).  He was interviewing Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs, when he suddenly asked “Since you’re French, do you ever just want to surrender in the middle of a game?”  Parker was not amused, but Mr. Bookworm and I were.

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  • greg

    That is cute, ha ha … Say, Book, now that you’ve got Leno under control, take a look at the current New Yorker. It seems Dear Leader’s been sending a great deal of money to Al Qaeda (in order to pump up the Shite’s adversaries). I wonder how that makes you feel.