• Zhombre

    Could be much worse. Instead of primaries or caucuses, candidates might appear on American Idol to be evaluated by Simon, Paula & Ryan.

  • John Hetman

    McCain is an interesting guy–not material for the Presidency, but fascinating as he weaves in and out of situations, bouncing off of opposites like a pinball. And does some really weird things. Then again, who is actually out there now that is not quite weird? Even staid Dole wound up doing Viagra commercials.

  • http://whaddyathinkin.blogspot.com/ Jim

    His priorities are interesting, too; he skipped CPAC for his Letterman appearance.

  • http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com CDR Salamander

    No. Pathetic, perhaps.

  • JJ

    McCain’s already done, as his pathetic fund-raising in recent months clearly indicates. He isn’t going to be the president of anything, and ought to know it. Running at this point is an act of stupendous ego. He seems to have that same sort of arrogant expectation Hillary exhibits: nominate me because it’s my turn, dammit!

    And there’s no possibility that the conservative base will have anything to do with him, so the whole thing is an act of hubris. It’s not a serious or viable candidacy, the man is widely disliked by his own staff, and is by turns sanctimonious and a tower of rage.

    I think he’s been hanging around with too many people who don’t speak English, too. I confess to being highly amused by his opening statement: “The last time we were on this program, I’m sure you remember everything very clearly that we say…” Huh? Excuse me? Leaving aside the use of the royal “we,” (I guess that’s what that was, even he must know Letterman’s there every night), the fact that I know what he means is a virtue of my own, not helped at all by what came out of his mouth.

    W.C. Fields and I share a favorite tune. It’s called: “Throw the Horse Over the Fence, Some Hay.”

  • Zhombre

    I confess I was a McCain guy in 2000 but since then have come to distrust his judgment (McCain-Feingold is a millstone around his neck, and yeah announcing on Letterman is a stunt) and especially his temperment. Camille Paglia describes him as the Uriah Heep of American politics, and that description may be apt. I honor his military service and believe he’s been a good guy in the Senate on defense and security issues but he is not my first or second or even third choice for President. He grandstands. He charmed the media wearing the maverick mantle in 2000 but that act can only play for so long; he’ll have to drop his maverick act to court the Republican rank and file and that plays out his string with the media who don’t like ex-mavericks and prefer Democrats anyway.