The Weasel Watcher’s have voted

The Watcher’s Council, residing comfortably at Watcher of Weasels, has again carefully reviewed 12 council-authored blog posts and 14 posts from the rest of blogosphere. As I’m discovering week after week, this is a great way for me to learn and read things that I wouldn’t otherwise know about. Aside from this new breadth to my information, I continue to be impressed by the high quality writing and thinking, both among fellow council members, and just out there generally. Anyway, enough blather. Let me introduce you to the winners and, as always, I strongly suggest that you make all of the weekly nominations part of your regular reading.

For council-authored posts, this week’s winner was Germany and Iraq, Part 4, which you will find at Done with Mirrors. This post contains a truly erudite examination of the General behind Germany’s post-War recovery, and contrasts his tactics with the reconstruction strategy in Iraq. Second place went to moi, for my Means v. Ends post.

On the non-council side, the winner was The Blame Game, to be found on From My Position . . . On The Way. It’s an inside view of the deep troubles plaguing Walter Reed hospital’s outpatient care. I found it a particularly interesting story because a friend of mine who works in hospital administration thought that the whole thing has a bad smell. He pointed out that, while the problems go back years, the administrator who got fired, Maj. Gen. George W. Weightman, was there only six months and could not possibly change the hospital culture in that time. My source was particularly disturbed because Weightman has a very distinguished resume and because the administrator who was in charge before Weightman — and who presided over the mess in the first place — has been returned to that post. According to my source, this reeks of hospital politicking and scape-goating, and seems to have little to do with a genuine effort to repair a broken system.

The second place winner on the non-council side was Honor Killings, Silence, and the Meaning of Speaking Out, which you’ll find at the Augean Stables. The post’s title tells you everything you need to know about a superb article that you’ll definitely want to read. | digg it

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  • ymarsakar

    The Arabs long ago forgot the very meaning of honor. They are a people who do not even understand the concept anymore, except for special individuals. Sad, but, it can be worked with. Just look at the Germans. They were people Americans could love, associate with, fight side by side even, back in 1950 (and probably 1914). Now? Ha, don’t think so.

    Sa. The raw material of the ME, can be improved upon. Just as the raw material of Germany can be degraded and still not lose its original shape (which is a belief in orderIst doch alles in Ordnung, oder?)

  • ymarsakar

    Good stuff here. After finishing read augeanstables post.

    Curiously, one of those topics was brought up here by Don’s post about war.

    From the point of view of the alpha-male Arab, these “shelters” are invasions of their patriarchal dominion. This in not merely the Muslim “shame” of a Dhimmi people who have declared their independence in the heart of Dar al Islam. This is the Arab shame of a man not being able to control the sexuality — and beyond that, the general behavior — of his women. All this talk from Israeli police about having meetings and making plans:

    I mostly said and advocated that the enemies of the US are mortal and human, and therefore have weaknesses. Fears and such, that if exploited, can make them stop fighting (stop fighting via diplomacy that is).

    What could you offer, was Don’s question. This is not so much an offer, but it is a threat. It is a threat that they have to pay attention to, because it is threatening their Weak Spot. If you threaten an opponent’s weak spot, they feel fear. Sure, they may attack you, but only if they think they can get away with it.

    The Arabs may love death…. but we are better at dealing death than they are. And because we love life, we are able to preserve life by dealing death. And if we do so concerning the women of the Arab world… it becomes a different conflict. The Arabs have no compunctions about attacking our weak spots. Why should we? Why do we even?

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