A cultural divide

When I hear of a long-term relationship, I think in terms of decades — multiples of them. So when I read the headline that “Uma Thurman and long-time beau split up,” I assumed that we were talking about one of those bizarre Hollywood relationships whose years can actually be counted in the double digits. Silly me. Turns out that Thurman and beau were together for three years, and even during that time, they kept drifting in and out of the relationship. I’m not even really into middle-age yet and I’m already an out-of-it old coot (coot-ess, ’cause I’m a girl?).

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  • highlander

    If you’re an old coot-ess, Book, then my wife and I are the walking dead — thirty-seven years next week and more in love than when we started. I’m sure there are others on this blog who have been together longer — Oldflyer, could you be one?

    I think the tragedy in these short Hollywood relationships is that they miss out on the best part. Like all marriages, there were rough spots in ours, but the tough work of working through those rough spots made us better than we were. The price was high, but the prize was worth it.

    Now on the lighter side: A couple in their 90’s asks a lawyer to help them get a divorce. The lawyer naturally asks why they waited so long. They reply that they wanted to wait until the kids were dead.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    High, what you said so reminds me of Old Soldier’s War by John Scalzi. I read it, and thought the themes of oldness and marriage were poignant.

  • Ron Larson

    Wow… my divorce took longer then their whole relationship!

  • Danny Lemieux

    They are like dead leaves drifting on the wind. You, Book, are the one firmly rooted.

  • swampacreage

    Didn’t favorite singer Bob Dylan tell you that ” times are a changin ” four and a-half decades ago. Maybe we should let it go why and how other adults choose relationships different to ours. Perchance a Freudian slip as you claim that you are “ALREADY OUT-OF-IT-OLD COOTESS”. Hmmmmmmmm , are we thinking ,dare to be free, like Umma ?
    Anyway, Highlanders got it right. NEVER DISAPPOINT YOUR CHILDREN !

  • http://farenblog.blogspot.com Larry Faren

    As usual, great posts and COMMENTS. 23 years for “LW” and me (that would be “Little Woman”). Whether the challenges of personal relationships, combating vicious enemies/threats or solving social problems, the Left always insists on “taking the easy way out”. So do we start calling the Bookworm “HC” — Her Cootness?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Well, I have never personally met Book but DQ did say that she was kinda “coot”.

  • http://writingenglish.wordpress.com judyrose

    Highlander, I’ve got you beat by a little. It’ll be thirty-nine years in June for Michael and me. (Loved the joke, by the way.)

  • http://infidelphialive.blogspot.com Jauhara al kafirah

    Gee. I am a newly-wed, compared to the resta youse. 24 years in June, not counting the year we lived in sin.

  • highlander

    Congratulations judyrose — well done! I’m still hoping to hear from Oldflyer. My guess is he’s got us both beat, but won’t know unless he speaks up. Maybe there are others, too.

    And congratulations Larry and Jauhara. I think any couple who make it past 20 years probably will go the whole way. Or at least make it until after the kids are dead.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Uh, 28 for us. There seems to be common thread of long-term stability among us Bookworm groupies.

  • Zhombre

    I’ve been married to the same woman since 01/06/1978. Of course it was an arranged marriage and we were both eight years old.

  • http://bookwormroom.wordpress.com/ Bookworm

    Mr. Bookworm and I are young’uns — we’ve only been married 13 years, but still going strong.