Karmic horror

When I was young, I knew a family of six that could “boast” about the fact that each member of the family had been involved in a serious car accident.  If that coincidence wasn’t strange enough, what made the whole thing truly bizarre was that none drove.  Each of them had been unlucky enough, at some time or another, to be a passenger in a car that got involved in an accident.

I’ve just read about another family in that same horrible situation, except much less lucky than the family I knew.  The family I knew saw all of them walk away from the accidents.  The family I read about today, however, has lost five people to drunk drivers.   I actually find that kind of statistical anomaly (and I have to assume it’s anomalous) hard to comprehend.

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    I hate suicide bombers. More here because they don’t actually die. They get to play this game all over again.

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    “What is it going to take,” asks Eileen, “for people to understand. …”

    I’ve always favored public executions… but that’s me.

    If you have a suicide wish, we’ll kill you for you. That’s fair, right.