A new voice talks about Iran

One of my friends, who goes by the wonderful name of “Bald-Headed Geek” has decided to open up shop as a blogger. You know you’re going to enjoy the blog when the “about me” reads as follows:

I am a forty-something professional who lives in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States. In my one concession to political correctness, I would describe myself as folically-challenged, vertically-disadvantaged, and hebraically-heritaged. And, I hate the U.N. with a passion.

Mr. Geek is off to a good start with his post about Iran, where he points out, correctly I think, that Iran is crazy like a fox:

The Iranians are many things, but they are not stupid. The leadership of the country may be crazy by our standards, but it would be very, very foolish on our part to think that the action of capturing the British sailors was anything other than a calculated move which was conducted with a long-term goal in mind. The Mullahs and their frontman, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, know that the support for the Iraq War is pretty much non-existent, especially in the cities of England. They also know that British Prime Minister Tony Blair, one of the war’s strongest proponents, is in the twilight of his leadership, and that it would not take much to push Prime Minister Blair’s eventual successor, be they from the Labour Party or the Conservative Party, to simply pull the plug on the remaining British troops in Iraq and bring them home. Further, they know that there would be a “domino” effect of sorts once this occurred, as the departure of British soldiers and sailors would place even more pressure on U.S. troops.

That’s the kind of thing I would like to have written if I’d had the time this weekend to comment about the most recent act of provocation by the Iranian government.

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