We watched a humdinger of a movie yesterday, one you might already know about because it’s been out for a while, and received a lot of well-deserved acclaim. It’s a documentary called Murderball, which focuses on the lives of the United States Paralympic Rugby team.

These wheel chair bound rugby players, all with no leg use (or no legs at all), and all with limited arm and hand use (or no hands at all), are the most aggressive, Mad Max athletes you’ve ever seen.  What impressed me even more than their athleticism, though, was the competency with which they live their daily lives.  Sports isn’t for everyone, but rolling out of bed when your paralyzed, getting yourself dressed, brushing your teeth, making your breakfast, and driving to work when you have your arms amputated at the elbow and your legs amputated at the thigh is beautiful to watch.

The movie has some strong language, because these guys are jocks, and some sexuality, because it discusses the guys’ sexuality (and they have it), but I highly recommend it.  Bring Kleenex with you to your couch or TV chair, though.  I’m not going to admit to crying, but my eyes leaked (as did Mr. Bookworm’s).

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  • Chris

    That was a humdinger of a movie. My uncle in California avoids big movies, but invariably finds stuff like this. When we visited there, we saw “Murderball”, “The March of the Penguins” and “Red Hot Ballroom”. All films I would probably not have sought out (or even known about) on my own.