Fascinating stuff in an Israeli online paper

Sometimes, you open a web page, and find the most interesting things.  Today, I found slightly heartening (the first two stories) and definitely heart warming (the last story) three of the stories at YNet news, as of 8:13 PST (some of the others were less than thrilling).  Briefly:

Arabs are talking peace with Israel.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that they’re trying to revitalize the Saudi plan, which called for Israel to retreat to her pre-1967 borders.  Even the UN had figured out that was a bad idea.  So, either this is the opening in a real negotiation, or this is just the kind of pap Arabs put on for a credulous Western media.  The only reason I’m somewhat sanguine about it is because I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that Arabs are finally slowing on their demand for a right of return — a demand that would have flooded Israel with Muslims and destroyed the State from the inside out.

Israelis and Palestinians may be returning to security coordination.  Working with each other is a start, I guess….

And, best for last:  “Evangelical Christians from around the world have presented a ‘letter of repentance’ to the Jewish people expressing remorse for Christian persecution throughout history, during a ceremony at the Knesset on Wednesday.”  Here’s one Jew who says thank you!

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  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    “So, either this is the opening in a real negotiation….”

    Oh, please tell me you’re not reaching for the glass of Koo-Aid!! As for

    “slowing on their demand for a right of return”

    surely we’re not forgetting that all lies told to the kaffirs in order to advance the Muslim cause are not only forgiven, but praised!!

    If the current bunch is thrown out, and if people like the brave Muslims now under a fatwa allowing them to be murdered on the street by the faithful, who will thereby earn themselves eternal delight for their service – as I say, when the sane Muslims have replaced the raving murderers now in charge, THEN I will believe that things may change.

    Until then, keep your head on a swivel, your gun in your hand, and your powder VERY dry!

  • http://bookwormroom.wordpress.com/ Bookworm

    You’re absolutely right, Earl. It wasn’t Kool-Aid. It was just an irrational moment of optimism on a lovely day. I’m already regretting get mildly excited about it for even a millisecond. This is posturing for the Western press, and I shouldn’t have been taken in.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    Book’s just naturally fair, Earl. I think Neo and Book purposefully leaves the unfairness job to others more suited to it. It isn’t Kool-Aid, it is just Book’s good nature showing through in her belief in human goodness.

    Don’t discard your optimism that easily Book. I rather admire your optimism of belief and cheer. If only because my heart is far darker than yours.

    Like Neo, you have a sense of peacefullness and tranquility. Very calming and pleasant in this world of ours. One reason why I’m always here and there.

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