Nobody’s perfect

A liberal friend told me today that it’s okay that Al Gore lives high on the energy hog because, while his message is important, you can’t really expect him to change his lifestyle:  “He’s entitled to expect a certain standard of living.”  Same friend was unfazed by the fact that Al certainly seems to expect the rest of us to change our way of living.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Your Liberal friend would probably say the same about Castro (one of the richest men on the planet) and be perfectly OK with the day-in day-out poverty of his serfs.

    Your Liberal friend would probably be perfectly OK with banning the right to own firearms but the righ of the anointed (e.g., Liberal members of Congress, the Hollywood set) to have personal body guards.

    Ergo, your Liberal friend is mentally configured for serfdom. I suspect that your Liberal friend is very uncomfortable with the responsibilities that come with freedom.

    Has your Liberal friend considered converting to Islam (which means “submission”) and heeding the dictates of his/her betters?

  • babbie

    It’s called “liberalthink.” You can find another example of it on my blog, “They Haven’t a Prayer.”

  • Oldflyer

    Bookworm, you just disillusioned me. I can’t believe that you could have a friend who is that obtuse.

    I confess that I do have a few long-standing friends, as well as family members, with whom I would never discuss politics because I care for them; and it would hurt too much to hear them say something like that.

  • Bookworm

    Oldflyer: We take our friends as they come. This person is very dear to me and after a very long lifetime commitment to liberal politics and an enduring belief in liberal politicians, is just to set in his/her ways to make a change.

  • Bookworm

    By the way, I informed said friend that Al Gore was, on a smaller scale, precisely the same as Castro or Mugabe Kim Jong Il, or any other dictator who imposes constraints on his citizens that he doesn’t on himself, but Al Gore apparently gets a pass. His “message is important,” so the messenger’s personal conduct is irrelevant. On the other hand, my friend is very irritated by the San Francisco dictat banning plastic bags.

  • ymarsakar

    Friends are an investment, even if they go bad, sometimes it is better to keep them than sell out.

  • Al

    Sounds like there is hope for your friend, BW. He’s irritated by a liberal government controlling his life. I just hope his fledging independent thinking survives if Gore’s “message” is given the Noble Peace Prize.

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  • Oldflyer

    I understand what you are saying Bookworm. I was needling you a little. I have a very dear, old friend who worked for many years as a staff member for Senator John Glenn. I had always thought that we were more or less on the same page politically, but concluded that he must have regressed to become a Democrat. So, for years I avoided partisan political discussion so as to avoid the possiblility of conflict. Much to my pleasure I eventually learned that he was still a Conservative Republican.

    His experience was instructive. He loved Senator Glenn and was very loyal to him; and the Senator, who was aware of his politics, thought highly of my friend. They somehow managed to avoid, or finesse, the political issues. Of course Senator Glenn, was pretty conservative on National Security matters, which was my friend’s area of expertise. It was a different mileu and political people could cooperate toward common goals despite some differences. Maybe we will see such an environment again.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I, too, have friends on the Liberal/Left. I may not trust their values and judgment, but I still like them as people. I try to be as understanding with them as I would be with anyone else that is emotionally, mentally, intellectually and otherwise developmentally challenged. It distresses me when I see professed conservatives degrade themselves with hate speech, invective, name-calling or other symptoms of having descended to their Demcrat/Liberal/Left opponents’ level. Now, the hard Left, that’s another story…they are plainly bad people willing to do mayhem to humanity in the name of “humanity”.

  • ymarsakar

    LOL, Danny.

    They have to destroy humanity to save it, Danny. Or save the environment (their investment portfolios) at the least.

  • Zhombre

    Some of my best friends are Stepford Democrats who wake up in the morning to NPR and actually pay money to see Bill Maher. Otherwise lovely people.