Because sometimes we need to be reminded how lucky we are that Kerry lost

I don’t think I need to add any comments to this segment of a larger news report about John Kerry’s recent visit to San Francisco:

Romney, during an Iowa campaign stop Wednesday, joined the White House in criticizing Pelosi’s diplomatic efforts.

“I just don’t know what got into her head, to be completely honest with you. Her going to a state which is without question a sponsor of terror and having her picture taken with Assad and being seen in a head scarf and so forth is sending the wrong signal to the people of Syria and to the people of the Middle East,” Romney said.

But Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004, brushed aside Romney’s criticism as coming from someone with no foreign policy experience.

“It’s important for Americans who wish to be informed. … It is important for our leaders to be informed,” Kerry said. “This administration has made the world more dangerous by not talking to people. And I think we have a responsibility to talk to them.”

Teresa Heinz Kerry also criticized Romney, saying “some segments of our population don’t like uppity ladies — and they call them all kinds of names. And (Pelosi) clearly is a wonderful example of what happens when women get in positions of power. … It’s important to talk with those we disagree with, in particular.”

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  • Danny Lemieux

    This past week has certainly been a monumental propaganda coup for those that seek to destroy us! Thank you, Copperheads – you have made the future ever more precarious for my children!

  • Marguerite

    Vis a vis Kerry’s statement that ‘this administration has made the world a more dangerous place by not talking to people.’ Tsk, tsk, Mr Kerry, I’ll bet you and Theresa are usually more choosy about with whom you talk. I’m reminded of the last words of a journalist who recently lost his head to a jihadist with a sword: “Don’t do it! Don’t do it! I know we can talk about this!”

  • ymarsakar

    Kerry likes talking. After all, he talked to the North Vietnamese while he was in the navy. So he must think he can make a deal. Enriching himself and wasting his enemies, of course, but still a deal.