“Support our troops. Bring them Home”

The title of my post must be the second most popular bumper sticker in the Bay Area, right behind “No War For Oil.”  Considering that the troops themselves believe support is shown by approving of their mission and providing them with funds, I’ve always been bewildered by the attitude that says I hate everything you stand for, and I want to rip the economic rug out from under you so that more of you die but, otherwise, I support you fully.”  John Robinson has had the same problem, and you can read here the method he used to solve it.  (Proving that you’ve just got to find an argument that hits home.)

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  • JJ

    Just on a philosophical note, that phrase: “No war for oil,” or its cousin: “No blood for oil” has always struck me as sophistry at its purest.

    There is a lot that isn’t worth fighting for. Religion, for example and despite the jihadists, is not worth fighting about.

    But, consider that without oil, 90% of what constitutes modern life, and 100% of what constitutes abundance, goes out the window.

    Oil doesn’t just power your car and heat and light your home. It also provides the chemistry to synthesize most of the medicines we take. Ditto the chemistry to synthesize most of the fabrics we wear; the plastics that the world utilizes in everything from milk bottles to siding for your house; the chemistry that creates forty varieties of steel and other building materials. Petroleum is the basis of most of the fertilizers that have us producing per-acre yields of food that were undreamed-of for the first 30,000 years of agriculture.

    In fact, it is not a stretch at all to note that modern life on Planet Earth is firmly based on a foundation of petroleum. Which may or may not be a good thing – but it is the way it is.

    Which makes me think whenever I hear “no blood for oil” or any of its variants: so far from being not worth fighting for, as the underpinning of everything, oil may in fact be the sole commodity on the planet that manifestly IS worth fighting for.

  • Ellie

    I am sorry you do not think religion is worth fighting for. Because, JJ, we are headed for either a religious war or unconditional surrender to Islam. If religion is not worth fighting about, then neither is liberty, or slavery, or civil rights — all of which would disappear under islam.

  • JJ

    Way to miss the point there, Ellie.

    The fact that religion isn’t worth fighting for doesn’t mean there won’t be a fight. But it will be witless, brainless, worthless, and generally useless. We’ll have it anyway, we’ll have to: Islam has demonstrated again and again that there is no living with them.

    But that doesn’t make it an intelligent thing to fight over.

  • Ellie

    What would make fighting Islam worth it?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    If you don’t believe in something, then obviously you don’t believe it would be intelligent to fight over it. That’s a personal outlook that doesn’t reflect on the broader human behavior.

  • JJ

    We will fight them because, as I at least implied if not said outright, they will attack us. We will be fighting to survive. They will be fighting because they’re idiots. They actually believe that their guy who lives behind a cloud and writes books for their bedside tables – those of them who have beds – is telling them to forcibly take over the planet. This is like fighting over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Smart, huh? A good reason to die.

    Now – did your own personal reasoning ability grow beyond that by the time you were eight years old? Of course it did; I thought so. But here are a billion of these alleged adults… well. You tell me. Good reason to fight?

    When somebody’s god is involved, brains go out the window. They vanish in a puff of smoke as though they had never evolved. And so I conclude: Religion is a horrible reason to have a war. The worst. It is witless. (Which makes you wonder about the general worth of Islam, that they are so determined to engage the rest of the world in it.)

    You are, after all, fighting over which version of the invisible guy living behind a cloud writing books to leave in motel rooms is correct. I’ve heard fights in nursery school recesses that were started for better reasons than that – far better reasons.

    So we’ll fight – we have to. Our reason will be to survive, and preserve those freedoms, etc. But the reasons we’re being attacked in the first place? Just awful reasons. Just witless.

    Or, come to think of it perhaps maybe we won’t fight. Certainly Europe won’t. Certainly the democrats won’t. Maybe we will just surrender.