A triumphant story of survival

The best WWII stories aren’t just about those who killed lots of Nazis.  They’re about those who killed lots of Nazis and who managed to maintain their humanity despite the horrors around them, who went on to live successful lives, and who had children and grandchildren to offset the millions who died at Nazi hands.  Today, the SF Chron has one of those stories

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  • Danny Lemieux

    What an absolutely uplifting story! I will remember it the next time I hear my fellow citizens whine about their lot in life.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    True fighters for freedom can build something constructive and long lasting from their victories. That’s how you tell a fake from the real deal. The fakes can do nothing except keep killing.

  • greg

    Sadly for all of us, the WWII experience remains a cross-generational sore in some survivor families, where an alleged “humanity” papers over inchoate grudges that go bone deep. In such cases, it’s anger and scorn that take over, where compassion and healing should abide.

  • Al

    Thanks for that story, BW. It has got to make it to the Silver Screen. My sister’s father-in-law escaped German occupied Poland to fight with the Red Army. He is now a very happy grandfather, recounting his adventures to Jewish vet organizations.
    Here’s to the fight!