It’s a very small world (if you’re a conservative in the Bay Area)

I just read that a federal judge has temporarily canceled the Patriot Act’s wire tapping provisions. I’m very much not a Constitutional lawyer, so I can’t comment on the validity of this decision at a legal level. Immediately upon reading that story, though, I was pretty willing to bet that Judge Victor Marrero, who operates in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York was a Clinton appointee. I therefore googled “Victory Marrero appointee,” which I thought was a sufficiently broad search to pull up that info.

Guess what I found with the search. Aside from the obvious fact that Marrero is indeed a Clinton appointee, I found another Marin conservative blogger! You see, when Google returned the search results, the very first item on the list was for a website called Marooned in Marin, which comments on the same thing that struck me: it’s somehow not surprising that a Clinton appointee would fairly effortlessly jettison a useful weapon in the war against international terrorism, a war increasingly being strategized without the need for physical locations because of cell phones and the internet.

At least the two of us conservatives in Marin are thinking along the same lines. I feel much less lonely now.  And I’m very flattered because, while I just found Marooned in Marin, s/he had already found and blogrolled me!  Thanks.

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