• http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com/ ymarsakar

    What about MoveOn, ACLU, Cair, etc here in the US? The Middle East may be getting better but the logistics base seems to be getting worse here at home.

  • http://infidelphialive.blogspot.com Jauhara al kafirah

    I saw an optimistic speech given by Michael “Faster, Please” Ledeen. He made some brilliant points about those who believe that people in Iran and Iraq don’t want democracy….he reminded us that the biggest, bloodiest tyrannies were the fascist ones in the twentieth century, eagerly embraced by its citizens, and only defeated by a democracy…The U.S. Reading Michaels Yon and Totten give me hope, too. I don’t think it is possible to estimate the power of our soldier’s on the psyches of those who now embrace them, who formerly fought them. I refuse to imbibe from the draughts of defeat that the press and our congress are drinking from.