Wow! But I wonder about its truth….

If rumor is right, this is the scandal to end all scandals. But if I were a betting woman, I’d bet against this. Hillary is the most calculating person in the world, and I do not believe that she would jeopardize her life long dream of ultimate power by getting involved in a sordid scandal. If the Clinton involved were Bill, I would believe it, but I cannot accept the idea that Hillary is incapable of subordinating her libido to her desire for for the White House.

Hat tip: LGF

UPDATE:  I thought it wasn’t true and — it’s probably not true.  Too out of character.

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  • richard diamond

    How many times have we heard the argument about people ” being too smart” to do something. Look at her husband’s history and her own of malfeasance. It would seem that being an overt lesbian would increase her standing with the Kos crowd.