Footage of Jewish history

Here you will find amazing film clips from almost one hundred years of 20th Century Jewish history, including images and testimony from Eichmann’s trial. It is a reminder that, while the Jews wanted Israel as an escape from bloodshed and tyranny, the Palestinians joyfully imagine their lands awash in a sea of blood.

Hat tip: Crossing the Rubicon

UPDATE: More on the blood Palestinians long to have on their hands. And if you click over to this last link, remember Golda Meir: “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

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  • Israel Shamir

    How ignorant of Israeli history you are Bookworm. The Zionists had been planning the ethnic cleansing of Palestine since before Hitler came to power. .Go read up on any book by either Benny Morris or Ilan Pappe and you will learn this to be true.

    You really seem to hate Muslims. Don’t you see how much you have been manipulated by Zionist sympathizers? I’m sure Hitler was saying much the same thing of Jews as you do of Muslims.

    Most Jews have learned to overcome the narrow, bigoted ethnocentricism on display in this blog. Time to join the rest of ’em.

  • freeisraelnow

    Amazing indeed.

  • Nita

    Thank you Bookworm, for the article. I’m working on something for my husband, so will have to read it fully afterwards, but I want to tell you that I love, admire and respect Israel and the Jewish people. I have 8 Jewish cousins, another cousin married a Jew, I dated a couple of Jewish guys in my youth in Johannesburg when my best friend was Freda Joffee, nee Smeyatsky. Another cousin Milton (Butch) Bottger and his friend, Dennis Gochen (spelled with a ‘c’, who served in the South African Air Force together, later served in the Israeli war, transporting equipment I think. Milton’s nickname was Ben Gentile. Apparently the Israelis were originally a bit dubious about Butch, but Dennis explained “Both of us or neither.” : ) Dennis is the one who married my cousin Shirley. Freda asked me about Jesus once, and we discussed it and both came to understand how each other felt about him without diminishing our respect and regard for one another. The other important thing – Freda showed me a map of tiny Israel surrounded by the Arab countries and taught me about Israel. Being of sound mind and an honest heart (if I do say so myself) I recognized the truth. In 1955, at age 24, I emigrated to the Land Choice Above All Others – America (and Salt Lake City) to find myself a Mormon husband. And now I explain Israel to others. In fact, I presented to my son the book, “From Time Immemorial,” by Jean (I have forgotten her last name temporarily – one of my many senior moments. Anyway, best wishes, Love, Nita Harris.