CAIR — and why you should care what it’s doing

Cinnamon Stillwell is an amazing person:  witty, charming, personable and wonderfully intelligent, with a strong analytical bent.  It is these last two characteristics that appear in the forefront of an extremely important article she wrote in, of all venues, the San Francisco Chronicle.  Beginning with CAIR’s pernicious attacks against the self-admittedly inflammatory Michael Savage, Stillwell embarks upon a lucid, interesting and frightening analysis of CAIR, detailing what it is and how it operates.  I can’t do any part of Cinnamon’s writing justice by quoting bits and pieces here, so I simply urge you to follow this link and read the whole article yourself.

Hat tip:  LGF (and I’m really embarrassed that I didn’t find the article myself).

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  • suek

    From the article:

    “If experience is any indication, Savage’s lawsuit may very well end up being settled out of court, as its unlikely CAIR will wish to call attention to these unsavory details.”

    The difference is that in previous legal actions, CAIR was bringing the suit, and when discovery was threatened, CAIR settled and dropped the suit. In this case, Savage is bringing the suit, and if he doesn’t choose to settle, they’ll have to go to court. I think. I guess maybe Savage has to state damages, though…and if they just decide to go no contest, they’d just pay? But if they do, wouldn’t that make them sitting ducks for more suits? I suspect we need to working on more of these suits!!