Test your global warming knowledge

Danny Lemieux sent me the link to this great test asking people to answer ten short questions about global warming.  Try it and see how you do.  I got 8/10 right.  One of my wrong answers was genuine ignorance.  The other was genuine carelessness, because I clicked the wrong button!

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  1. Jose says

    I learned something new –

    “The world’s natural wetlands produce more greenhouse gas contributions annually than all human sources combined”

    Here is the answer – drain the wetlands! What are a few ducks, frogs and mosquitos compared to saving the planet? We need the water to irrigate biofuel crops anyway.

  2. says

    8/10 I picked weather balloons instead of orbital sattelites.

    And I was thinking that coal emissions *do* harm forests and didn’t think that, DUH, it wasn’t the CO2 that was the problem.

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