I’m consistent in my beliefs

Phibian sent me over to a fun ABC News/USA Today site where it asks you to answer multiple choice questions about your beliefs on some national and international issues, and then ranks your answers against candidate positions to pick your perfect candidate.  I came out precisely as you’d expect me to if you read my blog.  However, since my print screen key is not working (so I can’t capture a screen shot), you’ll have to go over to Phibian’s place, since he ended up with the same candidates as I did, in the same order of precedence, even though he and I did not cast the same votes on the same questions.

Where will you come out?

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  • http://Oceanguy.com Oceanguy

    3. Richardson
    2. Huckabee (yuck)
    1. Giuliani

  • zhombre

    In order: Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani. I really do not intend to support Huckabee. Giuliani I will vote for in the January primary, having registered R from I to be able to do that, but I don’t expect Giuliani to attain the nomination. Romney I would vote for in the general election.

  • Allen L.

    OMG! I got Huckabee as #1. This thing has to be wrong, I wouldn’t have him as my last pick for dog catcher.

  • Ellie

    My results were R, G, T for me. Like Z (heart) I changed my registration to “unaffiliated” so I could vote in EITHER primary.

    I will vote for Rudy in the NJ 2/5 Primary.

    I worked in the World Trade Center. I will never forget.

  • Al

    Rudy was 1, McCain 2, and Thompson 3.
    I am for Rudy, can’t stand McCain, and Thompson’s OK but I doubt he has the experiance.
    My Dad helped build the WTC.
    But Rudy has much more going for him than that.

  • http://mkfreeberg.webloggin.com Morgan K Freeberg

    Now I took one of these before, and found that other one to be highly accurate even though it was shorter. I think it was Newsweek (can’t remember for sure). It tied Thompson with Tancredo.

    This one says 3. RP 2. Huck 1. Romney.

    My top three beefs are 3. That’s a complete crock. 2. It looks like my “matches” are overlapping strongly with what others in this thread are reporting (the ones who seem to be as surprised as I am), and that raises a red flag with me about the size of Minnesota. And 1. That question on global warming was completely farfed up. I think GW is a scam, I think the government has a duty to call it out as a scam, I think a new cabinet-level department should be formed just to call out neo-socialist scams like this as they come down the line later — as they no doubt will. Now where’s my frippin frappin blankety-blank radio button for THAT.

    Other than that, pretty cool test.

  • Skull

    MS Worm,

    I think only one of the questions gave the option of no federal involement, so the leftward skewing is pervasive.

    1) Hunter 2) Thompson 3) Romney

  • rockdalian

    Mitt, Fred and Duncan. Not a single gun question. Nor abortion.
    I am a Fredhead.

  • http://Synova.blogspot.com Synova

    I thought the questions were pretty bad but maybe it makes sense to make a person pick only one of a list that ought to be “all of the above.”

    I don’t know if I was taking a quiz that didn’t include the Democrats but my top three were, 1. Romney, 2. Giuliani, 3. Thompson.

    You know, it’s not that I haven’t been paying attention but apparently I never watch television because the pictures came up with Romney in the middle and I thought, “Who the heck is that?”


  • Tap

    Romney, Thompson, then….Ron Paul. Ha. Wonder what brought that on.