• http://thomaschronicles.com Thomas

    Thank you, Bookworm. I won’t look at fruits and veggies the same way again…

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl


    I particular favor the ones that are a single fruit carved or otherwise altered…..the combinations don’t seem as impressive.

    Great to see how some people’s minds work.

  • SGT Dave

    There’s a whole set of this type of work for kids available through my one-time employer Scholastic. Very nice artwork – I believe the company is “Play with Your Food”. I left Scholastic on good terms – returning to the military for better pay (longetivity helps), though they had top-notch benefits.
    The funny thing is, I could go back there and ask for my position (still) even though I’ve been gone nearly five years now… And they’d probably take me back.
    Until later,
    SGT Dave – “Childrens’ books reflect the adult world in a shallow mirror – but with far more depth than the authors intended if you look closely.”

  • http://bookwormroom.wordpress.com/ Bookworm

    With elementary school aged children, Scholastic is a big part of our lives (and that’s separate from the fact that it publishes Harry Potter). We have a whole lot of Scholastic books floating around the house, although I have to admit that we get them at Goodwill, where I can indulge my passion for buying books without breaking the bank.