1. swampacreage says

    Great idea while you do the journalists I will work on the CEO’s of corporate America. Hmm . . who could I use in my poster . . oh yeah I will start with Ken Lay Enron . Oh what the heck I can do another poster at the same time . . let me see . . uh huh . . Republicans in Congress . . hm . . oh yeah I will start with Larry Craig . This is fun !!! Sadly for some “Truth matters little in the world of ideas “. Shall we share our work or would that be too co-operative ?


  1. 2008.01.22 Politics and National Defense Roundup

    This post will grow as the day goes on. Don’t forget to check back later. Today’s worthy links: A Relatively Scientific Experiment The Media Violence Project (H/T) Misfire at Justice Fred Barnes: Now McCain Must Convince The Right Robert Tracinski: W…

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