Intelligent minds think alike *UPDATED*

Immediately after reading an email from Danny Lemieux in which he says it should be interesting if the loonies on the Left shriek hysterically about the proposed death penalty for the 9/11 terrorists, I read Cheat Seeking Missiles and saw that Laer made precisely the same point. I hadn’t thought about the subject at all (sick child at home today, plus work deadlines, precludes thinking) but having read what Danny and Laer think, I have to agree.

UPDATE:  My friends were prescient — it has begun.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Actually, this is getting better and better. Sounds as if the trials are supposed to start this summer. The wheels of military justice should be humming along at a nice clip as Americans awake from their Labor Day partying and begin to focus on their Presidential choices. Heee!

  • expat

    BBC World has also given airtime to the critics. The protests should be starting soon.

  • Al

    I’m sure the BBC already plans to interview the Archbishop of Cantweburybush on the immorality of the death penalty.

  • Ymarsakar

    To sum it up: They are there because the Geneva Convention does not apply to them. Now they must die, because they broke the Geneva Convention.

    They are lucky to get a painless death. They should come over and see what I can cook up if they don’t like the death penalty.

    I got an idea. When the Left has killed somebody, then they can be against the death penalty. After all, they are the ones saying that you have no right to send other people’s children to fight for you, unless you are fighting yourself. So where does the Left get this absolute moral authority to speak about death when they are neither willing to kill nor have killed?