The ProtestShooter was there

If you’re interested in up close pictures and eye-witness reporting from the goings-on in Berkeley, check out ProtestShooter. The pictures are from early in the day, so I can’t wait to see the next installment. My favorite photo was one that really didn’t have to do too much with the protest at all, but that looks at the kind of people out there protesting:

This is basically behind the anti-Marine side. Note a tent – many of them spent the night and they didn’t bother to take them down which is why they have so little space. Also notice the “reproductive” sign – these guys recycle signs since they go to so many protests.

It pretty much tells you way more than you need to know about these people, doesn’t it? They’re professional agitators. They have no lives. This is what they do.

UPDATE: You’ll find more ProtestShooter photos here, showing what went on in the afternoon.

UPDATE IIZombie has got photos up too.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Blackfive has a video of the Berzekeley event, Book. It had some good shots of the protesters and those trying to get in.

    As a neat contrast to the opposite of Code Pink, try out this post of blackfive’s.


    This is the power of 1 to 1 marketing, Matt.

    Instead of selling products, you are selling belief. You are selling a better future for humanity’s children and future.

    Your competitors, of course, say that if you go with their plan, the Leftist and Socialist plan, that you will benefit humanity in the long run.

    Thus the people that truly want to help others, that truly want to alleviate human suffering and misery to produce something better in this world, must see that such goals can be accomplished. But not by the Left.

    Nobody can make people believe that humanity can progress beyond the various little tribal wars we see in Africa and Europe. It takes work, hard work, perseverance, and leadership to improve even the life of one single individual outside the prosperity of America and Europe. Even inside those nations, it takes work. It is only easier because you have people helping out, Americans helping Americans because we are one nation. But for Americans that want to help more than just their neighbors, more than just their bank accounts or their families, they must see that the US military and the United States is the only thing capable of fullfiling that goal.

    The United States military is the best at helping human beings. You either believe that or you don’t. Others will try to convince you, like Code Pink, that this isn’t so. That you folks are the problem. That if it wasn’t for you killers recruiting more killbots, the world would be at peace. Such Pink Folks have no vision. They have no perseverance nor drive. All they can do is pull you down. Tell you why you are going to fail. Their massive intellectual and welfare resources are devoted to one thing. Coming up with ways people can fail.

    The US military comes up with ways in which people can win.

    Win economic prosperity and freedom.

    Win recognition and self-respect.

    Win security and strength.

    Win the freedom to do what you want with your life.

    Win the right to be the leaders that will bring more people up in life in this cruel world of ours.

    And so long as individuals, Americans or Iraqis or others, see and know this, see and know us for what we are not what others say we are, then they shall believe as well. You are on one of the leaders forging ahead, Matt, so hats off to you there.