• Mike Devx

    If you haven’t read the second article, here is an excerpt:


    In 1981 Lina Joy became a Christian and she is trying to have herself declared as such on her identity card, her MyKad. One reason is that she wishes to marry her Christian boyfriend and it is illegal for her to do this while she remains classified as a Muslim.

    However her attempts to have her conversion recognised have failed.

    The civil courts, and finally the highest court – the Federal court – have ruled that she can’t decide on her religion for herself. She has to to be given approval by the Islamic courts. Which, of course, is not forthcoming.

    As the decision was announced last May, outside the federal courts a crowd chanted Allahu Akhbar.


    The civil courts AND the highest court have ruled that she can’t decide on her religion for herself??? Isn’t that the worst negation of individual rights that you’ve ever heard of – of the basic freedoms and dignity that Western Traditions have assumed for the individual?

    These are not complementary systems – these are examples of legal apartheid, fully enforced by law. I can’t imagine anything more dangerous. Anarchy and the collapse of civilization can be the only result when the government completely abdicates its authority in this manner.