Good election analysis from Richard Baehr

Would it surprise to you to hear that Richard Baehr has written a well-reasoned, fact-filled analysis about Obama versus Hillary and about some possible problems should voters nationwide succumb to Obama-mania?  It certainly didn’t surprise me.  Read it here.

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  • Mike Devx

    I read this recently:

    “Whenever I watch Barack Obama, listen to his eloquent but nonspecific oratory, and see the near-swooning young people who invariably follow him wherever he goes, I cannot help but think of the pied piper and wonder toward what destination he is marching our youth. Obama is having this pied-piper effect not only on kids, but also on a large swath of Democrat and not a few independents and Republican voters, too.”

    Pied-piper? Taking our children away from us forever, due to our own sins?
    I think of the maddened frenzy of Clinton-hatred, now followed by the even worse Bush Derangement Syndrome, and the burgeoning anti-McCain hatred. I think of my own disgust and fear of the Clinton Corruption Machine. I am led to wonder: Are we all a bunch crazily over-reacting junior high idiots, hyperventilating constantly over things that others would consider usual? Sally invited Justin to the dance, and the world is ENDING, Alas, Alas!

    Obama is a Pied Piper, and this is an incredibly unusual and frightening thing? Is this the first time charisma, oration, and populism has reared its ugly head? William Jennings Bryan? Any ten or twenty others since him?

    I’m tempted to think of Reagan’s sunny “Morning In America”, and “The Shining City on the Hill” rhetoric. I scarecely remember his speeches containing any details. He talked in broad themes, with a few specifics. Just like Obama’s speeches. Reagan inspired us in a conservative direction, and many, many, many of us went along. Pied piper? Now it is Obama’s turn, leading us to disaster with horrifyingly leftist policies. But… Pied piper?

    I think it’s just par for the course in politics. Just a great orator, inspiring, with strong thematic delivery and little public substance. Rallying people to a theme. Let’s stop hyperventilating.

  • Ymarsakar

    My peers said that the rich and white folks will kill Obama like they killed Lincoln and Kennedy for helping out the slaves and black folks that are being oppressed by the system and the rich folks like Bush/Cheney.

    They believe Obama will go into office and actually change things, which is why people will fear him, attack him, etc.

  • Mike Devx

    More and more I’m struck by the fact that Obama is being compared to … Hitler.

    He’s not being compared to William Jennings Bryan, nor to ‘anti-trust’ Teddy Roosevelt. Both of these were populists who stuck to a theme of attacking specific powerful interests, and built up a big hate among their constituency for their targets. Murder, genocide, world domination, fascism … were not a part of their arguments. They’re not a part of Obama’s argument either.

    Comparing Obama to Hitler seems to me to be uncomfortably close to calling our current president Bushitler.

    Obama seems a lot closer to William Jennings Bryan, Teddy Roosevelt, Pat Buchanan, in the whipping up of the populist frenzy via oration towards the favorite targets. Among these, only Teddy Roosevelt succeeded.

    Maybe I should fear a Carter-like ineptitude coupled with a good-old fashioned populist frenzy. More than I fear the Clinton Corruption Machine. I guess I tend to think we can survive four years of silly ultra-liberalism more than deepening corruption. I don’t know.

    I wish I thought the Republicans had any chance this year. I’ll be voting for McCain, hoping American fiscal sanity prevails.