Home, Sweet Home!

I’m back!  Hurrah!  It was a great trip, but I won’t bore you to tears with the endless travel monologue.  Suffice to say that, as a Disney-lover, I had a good time, and as a homebody, I’m so glad to be home.  I’m also incredibly grateful to Don Quixote for the way in which he nurtured this blog in my absence.  He’s not as prolific as I am, but he makes up for that with posts more intelligent and thoughtful than anything I could ever aspire to.  Thank you so much, DQ, for taking such good care of my “home” on the internet.  I’m almost embarrassed to start blogging again, because it will take readers from the sublime — well, not to the ridiculous, but to the banal.

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  • Don Quixote

    Welcome back!!! Thanks for the kind words, but it was my pleasure and I look forward as eagerly as your (other) readers to your more diverse and interesting posts.

  • Ymarsakar

    You already know, Book, that the difference between you and Don are manifold. In relation to why you post more than he does and how Don is able to keep large comment discussions going, the explanation is very simple.

    For one thing, you, Book, tend to be like Neo in that your blog posts are replete with links upon links; this is in addition to their manifest explosion of breath and scope. Don, because he doesn’t use 10-15 links in his posts, can devote more of his time to commenting and replying and modifying future posts based upon the comments he has read. This is combined with the number of posts you write compared to Don. The time spent on researching more posts and gaining insights for more posts, eats up all the time you might have spent in the comment section asking questions and stoking discussion and what not. All these things, Don can bypass to a certain extent because Don concentrates on a few topics at at time.

    If you ask me, which I wouldn’t recommend anyone do for an extended period of time, you have certain advantages and disadvantages you operate under that creates your specialization. Don, because he has different advantages and disadvantages, fulfills a different niche than you.

    Thus it is not a matter of being sublime or not, but simply a different expression of the manifold different paths by which humanity has traveled in our endless journey through eternity.

    In the end, if you ask me, which many people are wise enough not to do, I read your blog posts not primarily because of their content but because like Neo Neocon and Cassandra at Villainous Company and many other individuals, you exemplify the highest ideals of the classical liberal: compassion, kindness, fairness, justice, and having a spine, amongst other things I will not list right now.

    I oftentimes place a higher importance on deductive logic than inductive. Intuition is a manifestation of deductive logic, and my intuition tells me that the views of good human beings are worth listening to. I listen to enemies of humanity as well, but I do not derive the pleasure or satisfaction from them that I do from here.