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I’ve got a project, and pretty much exhausted myself writing this morning’s post (too much thinking, dammit!), so I’ll just give you links to some stories that caught my eye today.

1.  John Hawkin’s writes about five top conservative female bloggers and discusses how they face different challenges from their male peers (not that they’re whining, mind you).

2.  Dennis Prager gives a handy-dandy list of questions for conservatives contemplating colleges for their children.  The quiz is easy, but I can guarantee you that you probably won’t like the answers you get.

3.  Robert Knight and Laer both examine Obama’s surprising theology, which effectively reduces the entire Bible to a couple of quotations from the Sermon on the Mount, that Obama interprets in his own unique, liberal way.

4.  The New York Times, no doubt forgetting momentarily what it is and what it stands for, has an interesting article about the fact that young Iraqis, rather than turning against Americans, are turning against their own fanatical religious leaders and their interpretation of Islam.  Although the Times doesn’t say so, I see it as a sort of “If you build it, they will come,” meaning that, if you build a viable alternative to fanaticism (something multiculturalists refuse to countenance), people will follow you.

5.  Neo-Neocon riffs brilliantly on the fact that Obama seems to be believing his own press as the new political Messiah whose inevitability transcends any rational analysis.

6.   Christopher Hitchens, who wields language like a scalpel, writes about the meaninglessness of modern political discourse.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Number 1 was nice since he did interviews. The pictures and videos I never saw before, helped, of course.

    Oh, yeah, I have a file of it. I save the good ones…and in case anything were to happen, there are crazy people out there, I’d want a paper trail of some sort.

    Doing something productive about your hate mail is a required component in building defensive walls to withstand the psychological impact of always being on the defensive against people that can whiff off an email whenever it suits them.

    The defender must be vigilant all the time while the attacker simply chooses the place and time of his attack. The psychological toil on the defender is thus, immense. Active measures to counter-act this phenomenon will go a long way towards out lasting one’s political enemies and personal enemies too.

    They photoshop them. Do nasty stuff to them. Like pictures of Michelle Malkin hanging from a noose.

    That’s actually quite amusing to me. Because people like me will actually hang you from a noose, for real, if you ever placed yourself, along with me, outside the societal restrictions that keep most of us in the US civilized and on a leash. Most people are on a leash because that’s just what everyone else has. Others are on a leash because if we didn’t have laws and civilization to restrain us, we would go medieval on folks.

    A pivotal difference between Republican freedom fighters and Democrat slave masters is the fact that freedom fighters view those outside the covenant of the US Constitution and the implicit laws of civilization as being fair game for any defender of human rights and liberty to hunt and kill. The Democrats, however, view people like Hizbollah and Hamas as just people like their slaves. Dumber, crazier, and less polished than the slave masters, but still human beings that are property and deserving of the same rights as any other victim-slave under the Democrat yoke. Entitled to health and welfare privileges and media attention and fellating and what not. One must take care of one’s own property, after all.

    If people really really want to break down the bonds that maintain our civilization, if they really think it will benefit them to act in an irresponsible way and fantasize about hanging Michelle Malkin, then in the end, they will not particularly like the consequences of the decisions they have made in their life. Short as it may become.

    Personally, I do not want to have to worry about protecting myself from killers and murderers or anybody that just particularly doesn’t like me. Thus, in exchange for my freedom to act, I expect that my fellow Americans will obey the same rules I obey. If they refuse to do so, then I will have no more reason to restrain myself to the rules in a game that they refuse to play.

    Iraq is a nice example of how the US military plays by rules that the terrorists do not, when it is not the family members of the US military being slaughtered in Iraq due to the US playing by the rules and the terrorists not replying in kind. The Sunnis made the choice in 2003 to fight the Americans because the Americans wouldn’t take off their limiters concerning law, order, and empire. If the Americans won’t follow the rules that bind tribes, then there’s no particular reason for the Sunni tribes to obey America’s laws. If Al Qaeda wouldn’t respect the rules of the tribes, then there was no particular reason why the tribes had to cooperate with Al Qaeda against America, who is now just starting to follow the rules of the tribes and operating in the same societal framework.

    Everybody has to be playing by the same rules, no matter what those rules may be. Otherwise we get cheaters and the whole system crashes. Which, coincidentally, is a prerequisite for socialist revolutions.

    You’re right, I don’t know that there is any more, but it’s more harsh and like you said, vulgar and sexualized. I don’t think men get that at all….

    She forgot about the Marine corporal that they pounded on for being in gay porn movies.

    If you even look like you are vulnerable to an attack, then the Left will use that attack on you. They’re not quite civilized, you know. And it doesn’t really matter if you are a man or a woman to them.

    Some stupid dame who writes a stupid column in a neanderthal publication

    Neanderthals were one of the first, if not the first, humanitarians that cared for their wounded and didn’t abandon them, you cro-magnon retard from the bottom of the gene pool.

    God willing.

    That’s Obama willing. Get with the program before you end up like Lieberman and Ted Kennedy’s girlfriend.

    Well, maybe it’s because you’ve become such a tired bore, beating your victim drum all the time.

    I got to git me one of those victim drums.

    people urging their minions to come and stake out my house

    I wonder if that house was in a state that allowed you to kill trespassers.

    When the mob surrounds you, in order to make an example of you, the best way to disagree with the mob is to make an example of… the mob. Natural leaders and outspoken individuals in a mob naturally stand out. Target those first and the rest will disperse without their leaders. Since a mob without leaders is just a sub-sentient cloud. Don’t give them any time to get their confidence back up.

    Such operations like what Michelle mentioned are more focused on the psychological warfare aspect than the actual organizational needs of moving actual people to the actual targeted house. It is designed to wear you down and make you believe that your cause is futile, at least not worth the price. Humans being humans, and thus full of weaknesses, both physical and mental, are notoriously susceptible to propaganda warfare and psychological attacks. But that also means the ones doing the attacks are just as vulnerable as the one they are attacking. Terrorism is simply one derivative branch of the principles behind psychological warfare. Yet such “master terrorists” will break under waterboarding, which is entirely psychological given that the terrorists “know” that the US will not let them choke to death. The stuff in their head is too valuable for that. Yet they will still break. Why? Because they understand it is futile to resist. How many days could a Khalid withstand one waterboard for each meal, loud music, and the Barney the Purple Dinosaur theme song? How many days before he figures out that it just ain’t worth it to keep on fighting? The more psychological pressure you place on someone, the faster they cease resisting, regardless of their resistance thresholds.

    Trust me, the Left are not against bombs, violence, or killing people. It is just that killing people is harder for to the Left to justify and accomplish compared to the emotional violence they invest themselves in learning and using.

    I think that was less because I am woman than because I am a conservative minority

    Minorities are just property to the Left. It is not like the minority gets to dictate what the majority at the top thinks or does. Which is why Democrats tend to cater to all kinds of “groups”, like the Islamic Jihad for example, without any feeling that this may backfire on them. You don’t feel threatened by your property and neither do the Democrats. I am sure you have heard many times from Democrats that AQ does not have the power to destroy America’s way of life.

  • satiricohen

    Some editor is going to be out of a job at the N.Y.T.