Common sense in San Francisco? Be still my beating heart!

Last week, I blogged about the way in which a wheel chair ramp in the meeting room that the San Francisco Board of Supervisors used has ballooned into a more than $1,000,000 project.  I also pointed out that the whole program had the smell of a dictatorship of one, since the only beneficiary would be Michela Alioto-Pier who is, to date, the only wheelchair bound Supe elected, and may well be on one of the few or the only wheelchair bound Supes ever to enter that room.

Today, I learned that, in an astonishing act of common sense, the Board of Supes voted to dump this wheelchair access plan and try to find another one.  Rather predictably, Alioto-Pier has announced that she will sue to force the City to spend more than $1,000,000 just for her.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Back in Ancient times, cripples couldn’t become leaders of their nation. In post-modern times, the only reason the tribe exists is for the leader’s benefit.

  • SGT Dave

    How about this – let’s have SF “borrow” two Marine recruiters to carry her, chair and all, up to the podium and down as necessary. The city can reimburse the Marines (or Army, either way – I’ll leave out the Air Force and Navy jokes) for their time – an E6 Staff Sergeant pulls about $200 a day after pay, housing, and separate rations. This means the city could cover 25,000 days of moving the supervisor with no need for remodeling AND provide the reason why they would allow the Marine recruiters to remain. If they just took a detail from the language school at the presidio, they could drop the per day pay to about $150. This should cover them for the next hundred years or so, or until a reliable counter-gravity chair can be made.
    Heck, for $200 a day, I’d be willing to bet college students would do the “heavy lifting”.

    SGT Dave – “The problem with engineering is that sometimes brute strength is often good enough.”