Moral clarity . . . on CNN?!

This moment of moral clarity wasn’t exactly what CNN interviewer, Fionnuala Sweeney, was seeking. She was trying to use the seminary slaughter as yet another talking point in the “Palestinians as pushed-to-the-limit victims of Israeli aggression” line of thinking. Unfortunately for her, and fortunately for CNN viewers, interviewee David Horovitz absolutely refused to put up with that kind of relativistic garbage. You can see the video here. The only depressing thing about this video is the underlying knowledge that Sweeney, who peddles this garbage, gets more air time overall than Horovitz, who had just that one minute to make a broad and important moral point.

Hat tip: American Thinker

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  1. Ymarsakar says

    Look at the bottom of the vid. “Courtesy of AP”.

    Meaning, CNN is just reproducing enemy propaganda.

    The only depressing thing this video is the underlying knowledge that Sweeney, who peddles this garbage, gets more air time overall than Horovitz, who had just that one minute to make a broad and important moral point.

    I can make the same moral point just by forcing people to watch the killings they have authorized, over and over again. Once that connection is made, one way or another, people start having second thoughts. It will take awhile, since the main sewer media has had decades to program preconceptions of hatred into people’s heads, but those that were vulnerable to enemy propaganda are also just as vulnerable to allied propaganda.

    You really can’t blame the CNN puppet heads for propagating the “endless cycle of violence” propaganda line. After all, it is not the CNN talking heads that keep CNN on the air. It is the engineers and wire pullers behind the scenes, the camera men and technicians. On a scale of professionalism, the technical support staff have a 9 on a 1-10 and the talking heads, editors, and journalists have about 3. Lower on a rainy day. So you really can’t blame the talking heads for not knowing what is going on in the world, given that they don’t even know what is going on to keep them on the air. That’s for people with engineering degrees and backgrounds. You know, people that actually accomplish something positive in this world.

    On a separate but related, I can dispel people’s belief in the “endless cycle of violence” simply by using violence to break that cycle. For journalists and talking puppet heads in the MSM, they don’t believe Israel can break the cycle of violence. With nuclear weapons and executions of Palestinians, I assure you that the cycle of violence can be broken. And boy would it be a surprise to those that believed it wouldn’t be possible.

    You know, Book, I wrote the above before the talking head girl said “cycle of violence”. Tools such as her are too predictable, in a way, for me not to be able to be 5 moves ahead of her. And if I’m 5 moves ahead of her, the terrorists making use of her nice voice is even farther along.

    I disagree with Horowitz. There is a cycle of violence, there just isn’t an unending cycle of violence. As for the media on either side not benefiting either side… that’s complete claptrap to those that understand the difference propaganda makes to warfare. Especially since all the propaganda advantage is with the Palestinians. Thus it is very easy to say that neither Israel or Palestinian friendly media are benefiting either side. At best, it means keeping the status quo. At worst, it diverts support Israel to the “underdogs” the Palestinians.

    As for Columbia’s problems with Ecuador and Chavez in Venesuella, I recommend Bush make a public announcement that Columbia has access to the full array of tactical and strategy weapons in the American arsenal, should Columbia decide to make war against her neighbors.

    People get in America’s face and do a Chavez at the UN because they think they can kick America out as easily as the Somalians and Vietnamese did.

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