Britain continues to sink

It wasn’t bad enough that Scotland Yard was probably infiltrated by anti-government Islamist working for the Jihad. That’s carelessness, although probably inexcusable carelessness. Nope. What’s really disgusting is that Britain has announced to the world that an Israeli politician is banned from entering England because he criticized England, while a radical Hezbollah member, who calls for the destruction of the Western world was welcomed with open arms. England is a sick, decayed society.

Part of me, the lifelong Anglophile part of me, would love to take my children there and show them the beauties of a country that really served as a cradle for modern Western morals, politics and culture. I want to take them to the National Portrait Gallery, the Tate, the British Museum, Oxford, Cambridge, Blenheim, Hatfield, Chatsworth, etc. — but I want to take them to these places pre-1985. I cannot bear to bring my money to a country that has abandoned any pretext of supporting Western values and that seems intent on flinging itself headline into the radical Islamist abyss.

UPDATE:  At least one Brit is still out there fighting (h/t LGF):

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  • Deana

    The video you linked to is a must see. While I don’t fully agree with him on everything, I love his fighting spirit and his blatant disregard for the disaster of multiculturalism. He is, in a word, refreshing.


  • Bookworm

    Refreshing is just the right word, Deana. This is a time when Hans Christian Anderson would rewrite “The Emperor’s New Clothes” to be about being keeping silent about the obvious, not because of pandering to the Emperor, but because of pandering to the new PC powers. This guy is the equivalent of the boy in the story who points out the obvious, whether the obvious is that the Emperor is naked or that the Islamists who are calling the shots are not motivated by goodwill towards the West, its values or its institutions.

  • Ymarsakar

    Let us not forget that Britain got their model of government from Enlightenment and Roman influences.

    A long line of dead and rotting civilizations have provided the chance for humanity to produce an America, Book.

    Which makes those out to destroy America and the future of America, criminals of all humanity. Not just a criminal of one set of laws of one segment of humanity.

  • Ymarsakar

    Watch this video, Deana and Book.

    Hellen doesn’t like how I view life as a battleground or my studious study of violence, war, and psychological warfare.

    I, however, don’t particularly like the grinning faces of enemies of humanity. And the most effective way to get rid of their grins is to exterminate them. Yet that requires skill, knowledge, and power.

    Power those targeted did not have, because they were never allowed to have it by a decadent civilization that claimed to value the innocence of a child but not quite enough to use absolute violence to protect that child.

    I don’t have those kind of limitations and psychological barriers. I don’t feel this nauseating guilt over the use of violence on enemies of humanity. I don’t feel sympathy for the people that get crushed just because my side happens to have more power than they did when they decided to fight us.

    People can become sheep if they want. But don’t expect me to pay for your shepherd.

  • Deana

    Excellent video – thanks for the link. I do like checking out Rubicon and just hadn’t recently.

    Honestly, I don’t know how the Israelis maintain their restraint.


  • Ymarsakar

    I don’t know how the Israelis maintain their restraint.
    Religion. Turn the other cheek. Natural Leftist or shall I say socialist disdain for violence.

    The Jews have never been big proponents of military service or political leadership in the nations that they emigrated to. Certain individuals span the gamut of the human spectrum from healer to killer, but as a people the Jews tend to stick close to their roots.

    The Jews under Roman occupation did try to rebel several times, but only because the Romans tried to fiddle with the Jewish religion and what could be sacrificed at Temple Mount. That was when the Jews went ballistic.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I support Deana’s sentiments – thanks for the video, YM and Oceanguy.