The disconnect between Islam and respect

I blogged here about the group that presented a report to the UN to point out what many of us have already realized: Muslims are using declarations of human rights as a way to shut down all religions and speech but theirs.

Patrick, my favorite Paragraph Farmer, took that dry report and drew the obvious and correct conclusions about the radical disconnect between Islam and respect for all of the faithful, regardless of their beliefs:

Another way to think of one of the few achievements to which the United Nations can actually point, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, is that all believers deserve respect. It is important to remember, however, that not all beliefs do.


I find it exceedingly odd that Islamic countries pressing the United Nations to issue resolutions against “defamation of religions” see no disconnect between that and, for example, making it a criminal offense to possess a Bible or be anything other than Muslim.

UPDATE: If you needed it, here’s an example of the “respect” Islamists accord other religions.¬† Is the Islamic version of making a desert and calling it peace.

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  • Ymarsakar

    I think originally Tacitus was quoting a Celtic leader about Roman’s conquests in Gaul. Making a desert and calling it peace, was the way the Celts thought about the Roman invaders.