We’re sleepwalking

Perhaps because he’s not anchored to a presidential campaign he rightly describes as “insane,” Newt Gringrich speaks honestly and frighteningly about the problems that face the Western world today and the ostrich-like behavior that characterizes our leaders.  It’s only five minutes and I think it is a must-watch.

Hat tip:  W”B”S

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  1. Ymarsakar says

    Hey Book, what is your view of what “hat tip” came from? I thought it came from when men tipped their hats in respect or maybe when you tip a waiter for good service.

  2. Ymarsakar says

    Thanks. It seems as society accelerates its advancement and alienation from our ancestors, there becomes a greater need for antiquity and ancient customs, even Victorian customs, as a counter-acting agent.

  3. Danny Lemieux says

    Maybe the Russians are right. Maybe we need to be back to the future. Maybe the correct response to Gaza is to progressively reduce it to rubble until the violence stops. Maybe the correct response to Iran is to destroy its industrial infrastructure. Maybe the correct response to Saudi Arabia is to turn it into a colony. Problem is, you can’t help people unwilling to help themselves…yes, I am talking about “us”.

  4. Ymarsakar says

    Russia has a more brutal response to their enemies cause they were never as advanced culturally or politically as the US. They could never solve the underlying reason why human beings sought war there. They can’t even solve it now and their actions in Chechnya were only of temporary benefit. Temporary benefit is still nice, of course, but it does not replace long term relationships such as what the US has with Japan.

    There is no such thing as one set of “correct responses”, but simply a long chain of correct reactions based upon the right people and the right philosophy.

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