Fitna is here *UPDATED*

Geert Wilders’ 15 minute film about Islam is available now. While the Dutch government is afraid to show it, bloggers are not.

Those who are anti-American, those who hate Israel, those who are completely invested in multiculturalism, try to downplay the conservatives’ concern about Muslim violence by analogizing conservatives to the Nazis, who scapegoated the Jews. That is, just as the Nazis dealt with their internal failures by dehumanizing the Jews, so too are we “making up” things about Muslims to remove the focus from our Western/Zionist depredations around the world.What these blind monkeys miss is that the Nazis could demonize the Jews only by pointing to nebulous conspiracies, utterly unrelated to Jewish words and deeds. Here, as the video dramatically demonstrates the Islamists loudly and proudly convict themselves out of their own mouths. They pray publicly and repeatedly for our death and destruction, they boast that they will be the vehicle of that prayed for end, and they put their prayers into words by tens of thousands of acts of violence around the world. We don’t need to demonize them; they do it themselves.

Please publicize this video as much as you can. It needs to be seen, if only to put the lie to those we accuse concerned Westerners of “making things up.”

UPDATE: LiveLeak explains why it is showing this video, despite the fact that some at LiveLeak strongly disagree with its content. I note two things. First, LiveLeak understands free speech. Second, the LifeLeak discussion about its decision to show the video is based upon disagreeing with the content, not upon fearing the dangerous results of publishing such content.  I find that interesting. Even though this type of speech, in Europe, sparked dangerous riots and enormous numbers of death threats, that’s simply not a concern LiveLeak voices. Is this the difference between America and Europe, or are the LifeLeak people just exceptionally brave?

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  • Thomas

    Hello Bookworm,

    We are– what?– seven years into this war and we still refuse to acknowledge our enemy…

  • Ymarsakar

    A quarter of America needs to be wiped off the face of the map before people get serious.

    It’s either that or we wipe a quarter of our enemies off the face of the world with nukes, bombs, assassinations, and military executions. Keeping them in jails doesn’t really do anything to the myth of JIhad.

    People think the West is making things up because we’re still prosperous. If things were really as bad as we said it would be, why then is America still so rich and exploiting other cultures?

    People don’t want to face the truth until the nuke burns through their closed eyelids, you see. That’s just human nature and nobody can change that.

  • Ymarsakar

    Human empathy is inadequate past a couple of handful of deaths. That is when the human brain can no longer imagine them as humans, they see them as just numbers on paper.

    And nobody fought a war just cause they saw a bunch of numbers on paper.

    Human empathy is only triggered when they see actual bodies and faces that go with them.

    Because the media refuses to cooperate in showing the faces of those that our enemies target for extermination, only the extermination of 1/4th of the American population can force things past the filter. That’s the definitive and conclusive number. Any less number and you get into certain uncertainties. Like “Bush and the Republicans did it”.

    Past a certain number of faces that people will see and remember all around them, not even conspiracy theories can provide an adequate defense against the pain and horror. And that’s what people need to experience before they open their eyes.

    If certain individuals in America succede and destroy our enemies without such attacks occuring in America, then that will be all too the good. Less people will have to die, or rather only enemies of humanity will have to die, which is a good thing. But the success of those individuals in America and fighting for America is in doubt and is certainly not guaranteed.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Will do, Book. Links have been sent to France, Indiana, California and am working on more. I figure that it may be a race against the clock as somewhere someone may find a way to shut it down.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Founding Fathers, because of their correct apprehension of the principles that human nature consists of, extrapolated Constitutional safeguards even to today’s world of decadence and barbarian horde invasions. The 2nd Amendment is not just your protection against government tyranny or criminal threats or foreign invasion. It is your protection against government collusion with foreign invaders like Islam. It is your protection against the government adopting foreign laws like Shariah to rule over you and your family.

    If you are unwilling to concede to their way of life, which they will force upon you, then your only salvation is to use the tools of violence. And in the arena of violence, the more firepower you have, the better your chances of staying out of slavery.

    Remember the lessons of Marathon and Thermopylae. Western culture values the individual. This is why the Greeks were heavier armed and armored than the Persian serf-conscripts.

    The importance placed upon individualism and liberty were great advantage in military affairs, but it was also a great disadvantage in politics because it made each greek city-state act as a single state, constantly bickering with their rivals the other Greek city-states. Compare this with Persia which was united under one king, one economy, and one system of law.

    The Arabs and other foreigners can hate us as much as they want. We’ll still kill more of them than they ever will of us. If, that is, we can bypass our political problems, which is inherent in a culture that values military and economic advantages over political unity.

  • Bookworm

    Many thanks, Danny. These things matter greatly. As I said, the difference between this and so many societal assaults against “others” is that these “others” are proud of their acts and speak freely of their desire to commit more of the same. That’s why I don’t feel bad publicizing this. It is, after all, both what they want and what we as a society need to do to protect ourselves.

  • Ymarsakar

    As I said, the difference between this and so many societal assaults against “others” is that these “others” are proud of their acts and speak freely of their desire to commit more of the same.

    It is not just that. It is that the enemy we speak of exists while the enemies the Palestinians speak of were created by the Palestinians. It is the difference between metaphysical truth and metaphysical illusion. The difference between good and evil, given that Ethics depends upon Metaphysics.

  • Deana

    I stand in admiration of Mr. Wilders and his film.

    It isn’t as if he can simply release this move and go on enjoying the (remaining) freedom that is the birthright of Dutch citizens. He and his wife no longer will be able to make a move without security. They forever will have to be on guard because their lives are on the line.

    Truly, I admire his courage. I just feel depressed that speaking one’s mind like Mr. Wilders has is now considered a courageous act in the Netherlands.


  • Bookworm

    What’s really weird, Deana, is that, in times past, states imposed censorship, sometimes quite brutally, to protect speech against the state. This must be the first time in human history when states impose censorship to protect speech inciting violence against the state. Wilders is making this sacrifice for a state that’s not even trying to protect itself.


    Salmon Rushdie’s Satanic Verses could have been called Koranic Kurses (only because I like alliteration).

    Bookworm, you have certainly stated it clearly enough regarding Wilder’s sacrifice. I hope that it is not the ultimate one for him or his family.

    Fifteen minutes of Fitna and the world will wait on baited breath for a response, when we all ready know what the response has been in the past. The more important response should come from intended targets.

    It seems more than coincidental that Saudi Arabia has, just this very week, spoken about a dialog among three faiths – an attempt at Spring house cleaning possibly or ‘taqiyya’ in light of the film’s release.

  • Ymarsakar

    I can’t find the link at this time but there was a video about a college Republican protest in Texas concerning how they moved the polls miles away from the school.

    So the College Republicans organized a march down a highway towards the polling place 11 miles away.

  • eric-odessit

    Sorry to ask this here, but how did you embed this LiveLeak video into a WordPress blog? You are still using WordPress, are you not?

  • Mike Devx

    The thing that is most disturbing to me is how clearly the Islamist ideology relates to Nazism.

    For both, there is no concept of individual liberty, individual freedom. We are all enslaved, to either the Nazi state or to the Imam. Stormtroopers enforce the will of the rulers. All civilization is destroyed except that which glorifies the rulers.

    In the space of months, everything you see around you is transformed to match the cultural stamp of the overlords. The oppression is absolute. It is clear: When the fascist Islamist movement takes you over, you are an occupied country, and you will have no freedom, and you will live forever under threat. Your children will become like strangers to you, as they are indoctrinated. The unbeliever everywhere suffers forever, if he is not lucky enough to die quickly.

    Death stalks the night across the entire land; eternal war along every border, world-wide totalitarianism is the desired result.


    Any religious text can be used in the manner above. Our challenge today is not from any Christian text, nor any other religious or political text… but the Quran. As other texts have been used to murderous, evil purpose in the past, so is the Quran being used now. Who will resist?

    Few people really thought that Nazism would rule the entire culture and way of life for every culture and every country across Europe. Yet it did rule with absolute control. This current fascistic form of Islam would be no different. Look around your community, your county, your state, your country. You should be able to imagine what such Islamic oppression would look like, if you can only remember what Nazi oppression looked like.

  • Bookworm


    I didn’t embed it; my host did. The embed operates at a level of technical expertise that I was completely unable to match.

  • Ymarsakar

    This current fascistic form of Islam would be no different

    Islam started as a faith based upon conquest, Mike. The religion of the Arabs and the Persians were Zoroastrianism and the Semitic/Sabean/Egyptian native religions. They ain’t around anymore because Islam got rid of them in 700 AD.

    Nazism is connected to Persia via the “Aryan race”. Islam is connected with Arabs and Persia because Mohammed came from one of the richest clans in around Mecca and Medina and because Islam conquered Persia. Islam is connected to Nazism because the modern Islamic movement and nation-states were heavily influenced by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

    Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia were connected intimately with a “who’s more evil” competitive hatred of each other. They hated each other because each thought their own belief system was the truest belief system, yet the two systems were so similar that they would have struggled over the totalitarian niche even if they loved each other.

    Christianity, or rather the Roman Catholic Church, didn’t start off as a religion based around conquest of foreign people. Christianity had the Romans already occupying that spot of “empire builder”. Christianity, thus, had to operate under the secular laws of the Roman Empire and Emperors. They did such good work through conversion by negotiation and persuasion that Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity, even though the Roman Republic had Greek Gods and their own form of ancestor worship many centuries ago. In more than a thousand years of Rome’s age, Christianity used a few centuries to come to power through peaceful activism. That and providing spiritual sustenance to the people of Rome when Attila the Hun came. Parts of the Roman Empire were embroiled in religious conflict between the various sects of Christianity, yes, but none dared to challenge the Roman Emperor for secular dominion of the land itself.

    Islam, however, spread based upon the sword. Starting from Mecca and Medina in Mohammed’s time, eventually reaching Pakistan in 700 AD after Mohammed died and a succession of “caliphates” extended Mohammed’s empire.

    You see, Islam is not just a religion somebody created or built, and then somewhere down the line a firebrand came into being and used it to convert people by the sword with. No, Islam started out as a religion that combined conquest with conversion by the sword. That’s how they spread. The Eastern Roman Empire sure as heck wasn’t going to convert from Christianity unless a sword as at their throats. And they sure as heck didn’t “give” Justinian’s commissioned Hagia Sophia cathedral to the Islamic Caliphate for them to use as a mosque. And the Persian Sassanid dynasty was perfectly happy with Zoroastrianism as their religion, up until their throats got slit by the Jihad that is.

    ALl of that traditions and religious legacies ended when Islam, through the teachings of the Quran, taught their followers how to “convince” people to convert and accept Islamic dominion. It is not an accident the Quran keeps talking about unbelievers and the sword cutting off throats and what not. It is a guidebook to a soldier in the Jihad.

    Islamic followers want to bring back the old glory days because their current lives suck so much. Unfortunately for them, their ancestors only had to deal with a decadent and weak Persian and Roman Empire. Their descendants have to deal with America at near the height of her power as a Republic. Should they push America into Empire as the corrupt Roman senators pushed the Roman Republic into Empire, the Islamic Caliphates will regret that decision until their short and miserable lives end.

    Rome went downhill when Caesar and Octavian died. Then came the succession of crazy and power mad emperors like Caligula and Nero. Their actions destroyed Rome’s unity and economic security. Contributing mightily to the decadence and corruption at the heart of Rome, while the borders were starved of resources and military strength to feed the decadence of Roman Senators.

    When America progresses to an expansionist imperial system of government, which existed for much of the time the 13 Colonies became the 50 states, she will have a period of great growth and power, just like under Octavian. And just like with any Imperial system, it will only be as good as the leaders of the Empire. Eventually it will decay under its own weight and bureaucracy. Then again, the same is true for republics.

  • suek

    Mike D..

    Read “Liberal Facism” by Jonah Goldberg. Presently at Barnes and Noble for “20-40% off. (I didn’t check which applied, since I’d already paid full price – darn!) It’s also at Costco for about $16. this month.
    It’s tough reading, but worthwhile…and traces back communism, socialism and facism to it’s roots in the French Revolution. Nazism was a particular facism, and much admired at the time until the disgrace of the holocaust became known.

  • Zhombre

    I see the Islamist thugs have managed to censor the movie with threats of violence.

  • Ellie2

    This can still be found on the internet. That’s the beauty of the beast: once launched it is almost impossible to surpress all the copies of anything. And the greater the attempt, the more people seek it out. I didn’t watch it here, but when is also disappeared from AT, I sought it out (and easily found it).

    The danger in radical Islam is we westerners just can’t believe it, just as our parents (in my case) just couldn’t believe the reports that Hitler was exterminating Jews. Even more disturbing is the universal condemnation of the tellers of the tale and the total silence regarding its subject.

    There is no comfort in the idea that Radical Islam may only represent a small minority of Muslims. A small minority can change the world — as Margaret Mead is famously quoted “it’s the only thing that ever has.” How many would it take to nuke Israel, if they had the means?

  • Ymarsakar

    My comment number 15 hasn’t appeared yet, probably because Book took a weekend break. So here it is from my blog.

    It is in reply to what you wrote Mike Devx.


  • Ymarsakar

    I see the Islamist thugs have managed to censor the movie with threats of violence.

    That just means you have to outviolence the Islamists.

    Violence, you either use it or have it be used on you

    I found the honesty of LiveLeak to be very admirable. They took a stand and then owned up to their inability to withstand violence or even the threat of it. They realized the situation they were put in when family and friends and home locations were given out by the media dog sniffers, allies of the enemies of humanity, but they owned up to to it with a public statement right where the video was at.

    LiveLeak: Something else the US Marines protect for free.

  • Danny Lemieux

    That’s an excellent point, Ellie2. Most people think that Muslims would have to be in the majority in Europe before they could change things. Not so.

    As you point out, militant minority movements have always changed the world, whether it was the Jacobins in the French Revolution, the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution, or the Nazis of the Third Reich. Even our own American revolutionaries represented a activist minority of the population in the colonies.

    Sad to say, Europe will likely fall to Islam because a) most people don’t care, b) they no longer believe in anything bigger than themselves whereas the Muslims do, and c) even if they did care, their socialist governments have rendered them powerless to do anything about it.

    In many European countries, the Muslims already constitute between 10% and 15% of the populations. My guess is that things will really hit the fan when they hit 20%. By the time the good citizens of post-Christian Europe wake up to the fact that Islam has taken them back to the age of barbarism, it will be too late. Oh well.

  • Ymarsakar

    America could only stop European eternal warfare by nullifying the aggression of Europe. While America succeeded in that, it had an interesting side effect. Just like when you use antibiotics, it may kill bacteria, but eventually some new bacteria will develop that is resistant to your antibiotics. We immunized Europe to Nazism, we kind of vaccinated them against Communism, but some new strain always pops up because doctors and patients are careless.

    Bacteria becomes harder to kill with a specific antibiotic because somebody let some of the bacteria survive, you see. And the same applies to ideologies. Allow one person to survive that can spread that ideology and the new ideology that develops later, will be immune to the tools you used to destroy the original ideology.

    Thus when Nazism and Communism helped bring about the current Islamic jihad, it immunized that child to what we used to destroy Nazism and half-way destroy Communism.

    Total War broke up the Nazis. Cold War broke up the Soviets. Neither are exactly working or in use today, cause the Islamics already know those cards of ours. And they know it cause we didn’t kill off the Nazis fast enough and we didn’t kill off all the Communists before they went and taught the Arabs some tricks in the Cold War.

  • Ymarsakar

    Even our own American revolutionaries represented a activist minority of the population in the colonies.

    The Crown Loyalists that disagreed with the Founding Fathers got exiled to Canada after the Revolutionary War was won.

    That’s old school solutions for ya, Danny.