The seeds of hatred

The accepted wisdom is that the intense hatred the Palestinians feel for Jews is a direct result of Jewish annexation of the West Bank and Gaza after the 1967 War. Of course, as with most propaganda, this is false. Aside from conveniently ignoring the 1956 and 1948 Wars, not to mention the Koran itself, this view ignores the fact that it was a Nazi/Arab alliance that helped fuel the virulence of modern Arab antisemitism. Indeed, it was this alliance, as much as the oil in Arab lands, that caused the British, who had been fairly philosemitic since Cromwell’s days because of their commitment to the Old Testament, to swing around and become extremely hostile to the movement for a Jewish state. (As to the long-dead philosemitism, I highly recommend Barbara Tuchman’s Bible and Sword: England and Palestine from the Bronze Age to Balfour .)

Mike Devx was kind enough to send me to a great video illustrating the tight ties the Nazis forged with the Arabs as part of their assault on British interests in the Middle East (for British interests, read “oil” and if you’re really interested in how the need to control oil was a driving force in WWII, read Daniel Yergin’s exellent The Prize : The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power.)

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  • oceanguy

    Plus the PLO was formed in 1964… can’t blame the “occupation” in 1964…. Except the “occupation” in Arab terms simply means, Jews living in Israel.

  • Ymarsakar

    In a way, Israel has succeeded in not becoming more like the Palestinians. The cost, however, is eternal warfare because if you don’t become more like your enemies, if you don’t think or act more like your enemies, then you will never defeat them. Just as Israel has never defeated the Palestinians and Arabs. Whooped their arses in battles, sure, but defeating them as a force or nation? No.

    If you like watching your kids blow up in the streets every year on the year, then I suppose people willing to pay that cost are free to refuse to become more like their mortal enemies if they truly wish. They are the ones paying the price, after all.

    America has a good track record of adopting enemy traditions and customs. Whether that be Native American (Navajo code talkers), Japanese (Army martial arts curriculum came from the people who studied in the East and came back to America), or many other different cultures that America has assimilated.

    That is a key source of America’s rejuvenating strength. Other cultures stagnate and then decrease in power. America has always had a fresh infusion of new blood whenever things were going not so good. That, in itself, is divine providence.

    Which justifies my phrase “a rare rarity”. Democracies and republics are rare just by themselves. A successful republic like Rome that could conquer the world and hold it for hundreds of years, is a rare rarity.

  • expat

    You might want to check out Matthias Künzel (Kuentzel) at Wikipedia for more on this topic. The Wikipedia entry has some of his English publications about the connection between Naziism and Arab anti-semitism. I recommend the link to a Transatlanzic Intellligencer article on Joschka Fischer.
    Just last week I was talking to a German friend who was surprised to hear that Mein Kampf is popular in the Arab world. I guess that means that Küntzel’s work is still largely under the radar here.

  • suek