The racial candidate

At American Thinker, James Edmund Pennington definitively explodes the myth that Obama is a “post-racial” candidate. In other words, Geraldine Ferraro had it absolutely right when she said, without any of Pennington’s careful analysis, that Obama ascended as quickly as he did solely because of his race. And as Pennington points out, that ascension must now be enshrined, solely because of his race:

The current agony of the Democratic Party, which grows more acute every day, is laden with an unspoken truth. As the unending Clinton-Obama struggle drags on, the core unutterable reality for Democrats is simply this: because of the composition of the Party’s domestic coalition, its continued electoral viability makes absolutely necessary perpetual capture of 90+% of the black vote.

Because of this grim fact — of the Party’s own making — the Clinton/Obama fight is over. Obama has won, and every leading Democrat knows it. In short, because of his race, Obama must be awarded the Democratic nomination. So much for the myth of America’s first major post-racial candidate.

Under no reasonably foreseeable set of future developments, including the possibility Obama’s exposure as a fatally compromised candidate, can Obama be denied the nomination. Doing so would subject the Democratic Party to the unacceptable risk that it would alienate its most dependably monolithic voter bloc. Hence, the daily gnashing of teeth by Party elders and the demand, which grows more hysterical each day, that Clinton concede a contest that at present is nothing more than a hard fought stalemate.

Without keeping focused on the Democrats’ self-chosen demographic cul-de-sac, the growing demands for Clinton’s withdrawal would be inexplicable, indeed, outrageous.

You can read the rest — and you’ll be happy you did — here.

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  • jj

    I’m an equal opportunity despiser, and of the opinion that Hillary and Obama are equally despicable.

    However, I don’t much care about the “numbers,” since they historically don’t matter. In the historical sense, at the same point in his campaign Gary Hart was some 600 delegates behind – no one was crying out for him to quit. At the same point in his campaign, Kennedy was 1,000 delegates behind – no one was demanding that he withdraw.

    So, with Hillary a mere 120 delegates behind, more or less; why is there all this noise that she should quit? Based on what democrat party history?

    She could still win this thing – and probably will, once it gets down to the convention and the delegates start finding out what’s really in the stolen FBI files, and the (illegal) overseas money Bill can get is called in to buy delegates; and their cats start turning up dead.

    This is FAR from over.