The more I know, the more I like

The MSM is going after McCain, but the fact is that, the more they dribble out details about the man, the more I admire what I learn.  Regardless of his sometimes flawed political instincts (that campaign financing thing, again), he is a very good human being, and an honorable one too.  We know the same can’t be said about Hillary (although I’ll always credit her for being a very good mother to Chelsea), and we’re learning that the same can’t be said about Obama (something Ann Coulter exploits to devastating effect).

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  • Danny Lemieux

    How do you know that Hillary was a good mother to Chelsea, Book?

    Do you know something beyond what we know of their public personae?

    I don’t know that I would have been a good father to my children if I had exposed them to what Chelsea went through. I have to believe that a child raised by two sociopaths must have been damaged by the experience. Her reference to the Secret Service as “personal trained pigs” certainly isn’t encouraging. If she hasn’t been damaged, then she is truly resilient and to be admired.

    For more insight (content warning), see Tammy Bruce’s compilation of famous quotes:

    These are not nice people.

  • Oldflyer

    Well Book, McCain looks good in comparison. Let me say up-front that I will vote for him. The alternatives are unthinkable.

    I confess I am not a great admirer. I did not know him during the Navy years, although we were contemporaries and flew the same aircraft types. It is a small Navy in some ways, but not that small. Some very good friends crossed paths with him and found him to be pretty much the same persona that leaks out now and then about Senator McCain. An arrogant, ill tempered jackass to be blunt about it. To be honest, some people say that comes with the gold wings. Don’t you believe it.

    There is a saying in the Navy that some staff officers try to wear their Admiral’s stars. Well, as is well known, McCain’s father and grand-father were both Admirals. Apparently he thought that bought him some extra respect. It did not–at least not with his contemporaries. With the “Admiral’s Club” which tends to look out for legacies just as much as any othe organization, it probably did.

    All that having been said, McCain’s did volunteer to transfer to another ship, which had suffered very high pilot losses, after the disasterous Forrestal fire cut short their combat deployment. He could have returned home with the rest of the Air Wing and had some time at home before the next deployment. Not long after he transferred, he was shot down and we know the rest. From all accounts he conducted himself to the same high standards as the other Navy and Air Force POWs. There are many wonderful stories of perserverence and heroism. I just read one yesterday that is being circulated among old Naval Aviators, which was written by the Navy pilot, Dick Stratton, who blinked out “torture” with his eyes when they put him on camera for propaganda purposes. He wrote with wry humor–although it was certainly not funny..

    Some of the hype about McCain refusing to come home early is pretty ridiculous. Any pilot who accepted premature release would have been court-maritialed. They had direct orders from the senior POW, the magnificent Commander (later Admiral) James Stockdale, not to accept any such offer. It would have been especially unthinkable for the son of the Commander-in-Chief Pacific, who was ordering pilots to fly the ridiculous missions they were often flying, under the asinine rules of engagement they were saddled with.

    I won’t go into McCain’s policy positions. Some are good. A few are very good. Some are abysmal.

  • sjreidhead

    Welcome to the fight!

    The Pink Flamingo

  • Thomas

    Hello Bookworm,

    Yes, I agree with you that the more I hear about McCain the more I like him. A friend of mine, who’s from Arizona and who served in the Air Force, really doesn’t like the man but would be willing to vote for him over Hillary or Obama. He doesn’t like him for the same reasons Oldflyer pointed out.

    For myself, however, I find his sense of duty and honor refreshing. In a licentious age, in an age where lying and political expedience has become the norm, it’s a whiff of fresh air to see a Presidential candidate who doesn’t talk out the side of his mouth.

  • Bookworm

    I don’t doubt a single word OldFlyer has about McCain’s arrogance and sense of entitlement, although I suspect life has beaten both of those out of him a little bit, or at least tempered them (and that’s taking into account his famous temper).

    Nevertheless, I’m a very straight shooter, and I’d prefer an in-your-face known quantity of arrogance to the faux humility Obama projects. As it is, one needs a certain amount of arrogance to believe one has the ability to government the most powerful nation in the world at any time, and especially during times of insecurity. This is no job for a shrinking violent. Again, McCain’s straight shooting, even if it isn’t what one always wants to hear, is better than backstabbing and dishonesty.

    This is a very imperfect election, and I prefer McCain’s flaws to those of the other candidates.

  • jj

    Curious about the “straight shooting.” Example, please.

    He’s now going to extend the Bush tax cuts. Okay – but he consistently voted against them over a period of years – which do you believe, oh Straight Shooter?

    He’s gong to offer “conservative” judges and try and get the judiciary back on track – but Justice Roberts was “too” conservative for him (being somewhat to the right of Thurgood Marshall). Which is it?

    He offered a plan in favor of amnesty for illegal aliens – now he sees it’s a problem and thinks the border should be closed, or policed better, or mined, or something – he’s not real clear on it. Which is his actual position?

    He’s in favor of free markets, but he and Joe Lieberman put together a bill that will penalize business (and therefore us, we pay for it) billions of dollars if they exceed a government-set limit on carbon emissions – global warming, don’t’cha’know.

    This is a list that could go on for pages, but you all know it. I think he is a standard-issue politician who will say anything to any audience – his newly-minted “conservatism” being the outstanding example – to get elected.

    And I’ll be damned if I need a lecture, such as Tuesday’s, about how “cynical” all of US are, because wealth comes too easily to Americans. I don’t accept that kind of BS from someone who’s apparently a subscriber to the John Kerry view of marriage. Wealth came easy to him, yeah: Cindy McCain’s worth about $300 million.

    I have traditionally had very little use for the Keating Five, and that extends to the last standing member of that elite little group of crooks.

  • Ymarsakar

    I won’t go into McCain’s policy positions. Some are good. A few are very good. Some are abysmal.

    In that mold, McCain is very much like Bush. Same character content one way or another. Same sort of integrity and honesty. Same kind of fumbling retardedness when it comes to Leftist attacks… but then again, that is true for most of the Republican party.

  • Ymarsakar

    I’m no McCain fan, but I’m not a proponent of JJ’s views, either.

  • Oldflyer

    I think JJ and Bookworm have a part of the truth of McCain. He does look like a straight shooter–in comparison to those he works with and the two potential rivals. There are a few issues that I think I can say with certainty what his postion was, is, and will be. The most important of those is National Defense. That is the main reason reason I will vote for him.

    I applaud him for saying this week that we need to increase the Army and Marine manpower (umm person power). That will draw some fire. I would applaud even if he looked for some fat in other services–even, gasp, the USN.

    I don’t know what he means by his promise of consultations. I don’t think there has been any shortage of consultations. Maybe he thinks he can do it better. I suspect that he is just throwing some meat to the “moderates” and looking for a little separation in their minds from the “Cowboy”. Remember when our perception of cowboys was of strong individuals who did what had to be done–even when it was hard?

    By the way we received a fund raising request from the McCain campaign today. My wife has been obsessing with visions of doom if Hil or Barry are elected, so I told her we need to put our money where our mouths are. We will probably make a small contribution.

  • richard diamond

    I’ll only be voting for McCain because of SCOTUS but I heard something this morning that impressed me; that being one of his sons will be graduating from the Naval Academy and will join the Marines as a 1st Lt. Another son just returned from a stint in Iraq. Combined with his refusal til now to ask for Secret Service protection gives him more respect in my opinion.

  • jj

    I don’t know, Flyer, I’m surrounded by the USN and there isn’t a whole lot of fat left.

    We’ve cut down to 11 carrier groups, and they’re all carrying one type of aircraft now, trying to do the work of three different types, and, inevitably, doing none of them as well as what they replaced. (This is a Hornet driver talking, not me. It can’t carry the ordnance the A-6 could, and when it is loaded it can’t fight, and it can’t fleet defend as well as the Tomcat could – but it’s certainly cheaper only needing spares for one type!) The Prowlers are now 40 years old, and sure don’t look like being replaced any time soon.

    Perfectly good Spruance class DDs are being prematurely retired and piling up in Bremerton to collect rust, and though the “Burkes” are good boats, there will be a lot fewer of them. The backbone of the surface fleet seems to be the “Ticonderoga” CGs – terrific, capable boats, but there are 27 of them.

    We’re stopping to refuel in places like Yemen, because there are so few oilers left they can’t take care of the boats, and the av-gas for the carriers, too. One or the other, not both, and the air wing is the obvious priority.

    We have lots of pigs out here in Bangor and Bremerton, more than ever before and it looks like a big number – until you realize it’s about half the entire active fleet.

    Maybe I’m missing something. And maybe I spend too much time listening to the kids (they’re all kids) at the sharp end – but there sure doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of fat!

    I agree with you, though, McCain is obviously a better bet to do something intelligent with national defense than either of the other two.

  • Ymarsakar

    Maybe I’m missing something. And maybe I spend too much time listening to the kids (they’re all kids) at the sharp end – but there sure doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of fat!

    The fat is in the politically correct academy regulations and policies, not in the machines or the front line deployed carriers.