Throat clearing

Not quite ready to blog yet, but feeling ready to write — so I consider this post throat-clearing, a forum for idle thoughts.

Is it possible to have jet lag if you’re still in the same time zone?  I feel as tired today as if I have jet lag, even though I did no more than travel from Southern California to Northern California.  Perhaps this has to do with being loath to unpack and tidy.  If I whip myself up into some functional level of energy, I’ll feel obligated to deal with the usual detritus of a trip, and I so don’t want to.

This trip left me with some sense of loss, as I actually lost a few possessions.  This is unusual for me, as I’m one of those people who very seldom loses things.  On this trip, however, I managed to lose my phone charger (the one for the car), my hands-free headset and, which causes me the most upset, my USS Shoup cap.  The first two losses are an inconvenience; the last a disappointment.  I also have a suspicion that I’ll find the first two somewhere in the house, since they went missing from the git-go, whereas I know the cap is currently adorning some unknown person’s head in the Southland.

Speaking of the cell phone, it’s time for me to get a new one.  My old one is reaching the end of its functional life (with the 7 key working only about 30% of the time on the best days).  A couple of acquaintances — meaning that they’re not people I can just call and talk to for information — proudly showed me their new iPhones and I was utterly captivated.  I loved the interface.  I’ll probably end up getting just a regular phone again (I don’t even have text messaging right now, let alone Blackberry type email/internet), but I am so tempted by that cute little gadget.  Do any of you have iPhones and, if you do, what do you think of your phone?  Is it really special or am I doing something fairly rare for me, and falling victim to hype?

Okay, throat-clearing done.  Blogging to recommence in as soon as I find something I want to write about.

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  • dianemadeline

    Where I live, the AT&T service is not nearly as good as Verizon. Since my cell phone is my only phone, I didn’t get an iPhone. However, I did get myself the iPod Touch which has many of the capabilities of the iPhone except – no phone, no camera, and not constantly connected to the internet. The touch is wi-fi capable which is good enough for me.

    Because I am often seduced by new technology, I bought a Blackberry Pearl when my phone was due to be switched. It is a great phone, and I wanted to be forward thinking, but it really is more than I need right now. Either I grow into it over the next two years, or I down grade for my next contract… (Unless there is something more exciting.)

  • Ymarsakar

    Don’t worry about those phones book, in a couple of decades they’ll be able to implant those phones in your head and you won’t ever need a headset again. ; )