Technical difficulties

Sorry for the silence. I get my internet through the same company that gives us our cable TV. Last week, Mr. Bookworm ordered High Definition service, which requires a new box. The box never came, but they disconnected us from Turner Classic Movies, which is really the only channel I ever really watch.

Yesterday I finally got around to calling the ISP, and the service department discovered that the box had gotten lost and that they’d shut down some of our premium service. I got a promise that the box would go in the mail and the assurance that my TCM would return — which it did.

Today, however, I had no internet connection. It turned out that, when the ISP re-sent the box order, it also reset my account, putting my internet into hibernation. I’ve got internet again, but now my router isn’t working — with a resuscitated internet, my router reset itself, and lost all its codes. I’ll save that problem for a little later in the day, since Mr. Bookworm is the wireless user and he won’t be home for hours.

Only 8:00 my time and I already feel wrung out!

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  • rockdalian

    Comcast, eh?

  • Bookworm

    You betcha!

  • Ymarsakar

    At least neighbors are illegally jacking into the cable and creating bandwidth problems with your net service.

    Your router should have a dynamic DNS look up ability or wizard. Usually simply restarting the router has it look up the new WAN data, unless one has a specific IP or DNS number affixed to the router.