Fine phrasing indeed

In a delightful post about how the parties choose their Presidential nominees, Patrick (the Paragraph Farmer) gives a perfect description of Barack Obama and why he may not be the savior people hope:

Barack Obama has the top of the Democratic ticket all but sewn up, in spite of having spent more time campaigning for president than serving as a U.S. Senator or doing anything else to prepare for the job, with the possible exception of networking among fellow congregants in a large church with the blessing of a fundamentally unserious pastor (anyone who regards “social justice” as an adequate paraphrase of the gospel is a disciple, however well-meaning, of Karl Marx).

With the Democratic presidential nomination, Obama will join the likes of John “Cambodian Christmas Hat” Kerry, Al “Invented the Internet” Gore, Bill “Better Put Some Ice on That” Clinton, and Michael “One-Man Parole Board” Dukakis, all of whom were brutalized by partisan pundits for faults that would have been apparent to anyone doing even a cursory background check.

By the way, given Obama’s “Yes, we can slogan,” am I the only one who finds it vaguely disturbing that this most immature of political candidates has as his slogan a theme that most parents will recognize as the chorus from the theme song for Bob the Builder, a show aimed at the toddler set?

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  • Ymarsakar

    It’s interesting that politicians like obama are appealing to the child in people. In the real world, children are the ones that get abused, manipulated, exploited, killed, kidnapped, used as hostages, and expended like 2 cent nails in various wars and genocidal conflicts.

    I’m pretty sure Obama isn’t appealing to the child in people to produce more sympathy for the hardships being alleviated by Bush’s invasions in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Left may not protest Afghanistan as much as Iraq, but they sure as hell aren’t helping out with Afghanistan either via public support sentiments. Their view of “helping out” is “when Bush does what I want him to do”. When Bush does what I want him to do with Afghanistan, then this will help Afghanistan.

    Toddler logic, but perhaps it is not even that.

    For adults out to exploit people, what better way than to make people act and think like children in the fairy land of fantasy, Book?

  • Danny Lemieux

    I’ve said this before – Liberals think like children.