The media really hates the military *UPDATED*

I don’t doubt that something unsavory will pop up about Matthis Chiroux, the media’s latest conscientious objector poster boy, simply because something unsavory always seems to be lurking around these keys (not that the MSM lets its readers know). So that’s not what interests me. What caught me was the first two sentences in the AFP story reporting on Chiroux conscientious objector status:

Matthis Chiroux is the kind of young American US military recruiters love.

“I was from a poor, white family from the south, and I did badly in school,” the now 24-year-old told AFP.

Yup — that’s our military: poor and stupid Southern crackers, leavened, I’m sure, by poor and stupid urban blacks. It’s amazing that the military isn’t one giant race war run by idiots. If only it weren’t for the truth about the military’s real composition.

With regards to the AFP, I can only say what Daffy Duck would say: “You’re dethpicable.”

UPDATE:  SSG Dave left a link here to a post he did on Chiroux’s media stunt.  I focused solely on the media angle but, had I taken the time and given the matter thought, I would have said everything SSG Dave, only not with such passion.  He is, after all, serving in our military, while I’m just sitting in the ‘burbs opining about the military.  You should read his screed.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Most people may not know this, but AFP (“Agence France Press”) is France’s only press agency, funded and controlled by the French government. They pretty much toe the line of the French government’s world view.

  • Ymarsakar

    They pretty much toe the line of the French government’s world view.

    Which is exactly why Americans want to emulate Europe and France. They are tired of the media being dominated by industrialists, corporations, and Right Wing groups, Danny.

    They want a man, a strong man, to take charge and make them toe the line, you see. Isn’t banana republics a great utopia vision, Danny?

  • Ymarsakar

    You can have as many bananas as the monkeys want!

  • pacificus

    It’s about time for the rehabilitation of that eminent political commentator, Daffy Duck. Bravo!

  • SGT Dave

    I put up a rather long rant over at “Minds, with Guns” – . It does have some relatively harsh words and is rather bloody-minded, so I’ll leave it over there instead of possibly starting a flame war over here. I respect BW too much to advocate the traditional course of action for individuals like this.
    Good night,
    SGT Dave – “Those who will not fight depend for their freedom upon the goodwill of those who will.”

  • Oldflyer

    I immediately noted that the original story was filed by AFP. That prepared me for what to expect. As with Bookworm, the first two sentences sealed the deal for me. At that point I knew with certainty what would follow.

    On another blog someone claims to have checked the sponsoring organization and learned , that shore ’nuff (as we poor white southerners used to say), it is funded by George Soros.