A cautionary tale if Hillary becomes health tzar

There’s talk of Obama giving Hillary the green light to socialize American medicine if she’ll walk away from the primaries.  Melanie Phillips gives us a good example of why the renewed specter of socialized medicine should worry us:

To the Labour Party, the National Health Service is the talismanic proof of its own moral superiority.

Time and again, Labour brandishes its undying commitment to the NHS as the embodiment of its social conscience, and vilifies anyone who suggests that a different system of health care might be better as a heartless brute who would force the sick to choose between death and bankruptcy.

Well, now we can see quite what odious hypocrisy that is. For in the cause of supporting the NHS principle of equal treatment for all, the Government is actually ordering the withdrawal of treatment from desperately sick and dying people as an act of ideological spite.

A woman dying of cancer was denied NHS treatment in her final months  –  because she had paid privately for a drug which offered her the chance of living longer, but which the NHS had refused to provide.

When she decided to use her savings to pay for this drug, the NHS withdrew her treatment, including her chemotherapy.

This is by no means a one-off case. Six other cancer patients are taking legal action against the NHS after their own treatment was cut off or a threat was made to do so because they too paid for lifeprolonging drugs.

This is simply obscene. It is hard to imagine anything more vicious than stopping, or threatening to stop, the treatment of seriously ill people simply because they have the audacity to want to improve their chances of staying alive.

Read the rest here.

I know that our medical system isn’t perfect, and that it’s expensive.  However, medical care at some level or another is available to all — and it’s good care when you get it.  There are human errors, but the system tends to strive for the greatest good.  What’s fascinating about reading about England’s health care service (and Canada’s, for that matter), is the number of times the health care is bad, not because a person screwed up, but because of ideological choices driving the provision of health care in those countries.  Because the government is rationing care, it decides who is unworthy of receiving that care:  the old, the very sick, and the mavericks who dare to buck the system.

At my martial arts studio, there is a British woman whose mother is mired in and dying from the NHS.  She won’t give details.  She just gives the bottom line:  America should never, never, never go over to socialized medicine, a system that will willingly, and without debate, abandon those in greatest need of its services.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    If the response to this post is silence, I suspect that it is that most of us enlightened folk that participate at Bookworm’s room already know that nationalized health care is too awful to contemplate.

  • Ymarsakar

    Combined with abortion, just another way to get rid of blacks and poor whites.

    You don’t even need to sign any death warrants. Just look at France’s heat wave deaths. People will die automatically after awhile.

    It is one of the most subtle and cloaked methods to ethnically cleanse a geographic location of its inhabitants.

    Any President that is truly serious about fighting socialized medicine and wishes to care for sick people or people that will get sick, must travel the world and personally, I say PERSONALLY, interview the people who have suffered under socialized medicine. Only this way can the American public ever be educated well enough in the evils of socialized medicine to develop an immunity against it. You cannot rely upon the military, for that is not their specialization nor jurisdiction, you cannot rely upon government bureaucrats for they give not a damn if you die by their whims, and you cannot rely on the media for they are the ones causing more and more people to die than is necessary.