Cause, meet Effect (Volume, I dunno, a million?)

There’s something charmingly naive about the way in which the Leftiers amongst us are constantly surprised by the way in which Effect resolutely follows on Cause. This time, the unexpected (for them) surprise is that, if you legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, more people will grow more of it:

There is probably no marijuana-friendlier place in the country than here in Mendocino County, where plants can grow more than 15 feet high, medical marijuana clubs adopt stretches of highway, and the sticky, sweet aroma of cannabis fills this city’s streets during the autumn harvest.

Lately, however, residents of Mendocino County, like those in other parts of California, are wondering if the state’s embrace of marijuana for medicinal purposes has gone too far.

Medical marijuana was legalized under state law by California voters in 1996, and since then 11 other states have followed, even though federal law still bans the sale of any marijuana. But some frustrated residents and law enforcement officials say the California law has increasingly and unintentionally provided legal cover for large-scale marijuana growers — and the problems such big-money operations can attract.

As for me, I’m libertarian enough to feel that, if alcohol is legal, marijuana should be too, subject to the same legal standards: don’t smoke and drink, committing a crime while stoned is no defense, and you’re really boring when you’re stoned. Okay, the last isn’t a legal standard, but it should be.

I bring this story to your attention, not to debate marijuana legalization, but simply to point out the way in which Progressives, like babies who are perpetually surprised by peek-a-boo, are repeatedly wigged out by the obvious consequences of their actions.

(Thinking about this post, maybe I should have given it a title that’s an homage to Gomer Pyle, a show I regret to say I watched avidly as a child: “Sur-prahz, sur-prahz, sur-prahz.”)

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  • Allen

    This one made me laugh, like the, “they’re doing jobs Americans won’t do,” meme did. I went up to my place in the Sierras and watched a SWAT team assemble to raid a marijuana growing operation nearby.

    What? Yes, tis true there are places in our national parks and forests where citizens are discouraged from going to due to Mexican drug gangs.

  • highlander

    Speaking of foreseeable yet unforeseen (by liberals) consequences, how about the homeless problem in San Francisco?

    One citizen of the left was heard saying, “Gee, we’ve thrown all this money at the problem, but it keeps getting worse!”

    Let’s think about this. If you make it profitable for a person to behave in a certain way, why would you be surprised when they actually do behave that way?

    What all that money has created is not homes for the homeless but a magnet for the homeless.

  • Al

    An equation in sociology.
    Liberal = child.
    Conservative = adult.

  • Danny Lemieux

    “…Progressives, like babies who are perpetually surprised by peek-a-boo”

    Very good, Book….very good!

  • Mike

    It’s all about tax and the states and federal government getting their share. Notice I didn’t say (fair share). A long time ago and some oblique legislation and some other things I don’t remember laws were passed to regulate all these things. If you look it can be found on the internet.Example here in NYS cigarettes have gone up to over $7.00/pack and a state I know of sells the same carton for $28 or $2.80/pack.I am getting four cartons this week. Go figure.
    In fact in the old days when I was a bit younger you could buy an ounce of marijuana at about $20./ounce and a lb for $200 or maybe a little higher. of course no one paid tax on this as it was illegal (heh,heh)

  • USMaleSF

    I have friends living in the country, outside Ukiah, one of whom needs medical marijuana for terminal cancer palliation. But they are aware the that explosive growth of cannabis up there has produced, among other dislocations, a serious drain on water. Cannabis needs a lot of it. And tensions about that are already cooking.

  • Tiresias

    It used to be a marker for making the transition from childhood to adulthood: figuring out cause and effect. Children generally are unaware that Action A will lead to Result B – but adults are assumed to know it.

    Except, I guess, liberals.

    Oneof the great things Giuliani did in New York City was establish government by adults. His predecessor, David Dinkins, noticed that the city required money, so he proceeded to raise taxes geometrically. The most famous tax-rise was in the “occupancy tax,” which is the little extra the city collects from tourists who have the temerity to stay in hotels. He raised it by a factor of several hundred percent. Result? Occupancy rates in NY hotels fell off the table. Conventions were cancelled, hotels were empty.

    The Dinkins solution? Well, obviously: we raised the tax, but revenues are falling: we better raise ’em some MORE!

    Giuliani swept that tax down to below where it had originally been – result? Hotels were booming, construction started on several new ones, and that tax became a large source of revenue for the city. As Rudy said: “90% of nothing is nothing; 2% of something is an actual number.”

    A lesson liberals never learn.

    Because liberals are children. Barack Obama is child-in-chief. We don’t need Peter Pan running much of anything, let alone the country.

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s not so much the Left are children as naive fools and children are very easy to manipulate, extort, and intimidate by sociopathic adults.

    What could be easier than to make the Left your tool if you are not interested at all in preserving human life or liberty? The Left bends like the willow in the face of totalitarian ideologies, slavery, and mass murder.