A little AP editorializing

Ireland stymied the EU’s latest effort to turn all of Western Europe into a lock-step bureaucracy, the ultimate Nanny state. That’s not the news. You already know that. What I wanted to blog about for a sec was the very first sentence in the AP news story (emphasis mine):

Substantial election returns showed Friday that Ireland’s voters have rejected the European Union reform treaty, a blueprint for modernizing the 27-nation bloc that cannot become law without Irish approval.

Is the author suggesting that the Irish are troglodytes, content to remain in their boggy, primitive past, and mean enough to drag the rest Europe into the same economic backwaters? I hope not. It’s my understanding that Ireland currently has one of the most dynamic economies Europe has to offer. Perhaps Ireland, which once before saved civilization, is trying to do so again, before the EU creates a completely stultifying regime, non-representational bureaucratic nightmare that destroys national economies and identities.

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  • Ozzie

    Ireland is consistently listed as one of the top five countries in which to live.

    Hopefully, they’ll continue to ditch the other 26 countries.

    What would the U.S. be like if Lincoln hadn’t been able to keep the union intact?

  • Ymarsakar

    What would the U.S. be like if Lincoln hadn’t been able to keep the union intact?

    It’d be like Europe.

    Since Ireland is part of Europe, that horse and carriage has already passed.

    The US became what it is by accepting new states and melding the whole into one nation via war, fire, and tribulations.

    Ireland is always welcome to join the Union, if they can get past the American bureaucrats and corrupt politicians that see new American states as being a threat to their power and status.

    Britain, even though they have had far longer than the US to cement their people together, have failed to do so via war, terrorism, or anything else for that matter.

    Their failure has nothing to do with Lincoln’s success.

  • Bill Smith

    Well, that’d be something. Then we’d have to deal with The Troubles affecting the 51st state, because, according to Google maps, Ireland including Ulster, is one country. No border can be seen between Ireland, and Northern Ireland.