The madness of the judiciary

The alternative title for this post would have been:  You’re in prison, not a hotel.  From Best of the Web Today:

He Wouldn’t Hurt a Fly
Henry Boateng is an inmate in a Massachusetts State prison. He went to court arguing that his rights were being violated. Yesterday, a federal judge agreed:

Boateng, who has changed his name to Daniel Yeboah-Sefah and identifies himself as a Buddhist, has won a significant legal victory: A federal judge found that the state prison system violated his civil rights by denying him a vegan diet.US Chief District Judge Mark L. Wolf concluded that the system violated a 2000 federal statute that protects religious freedom in prison. In a judgment entered Tuesday, Wolf ordered the head of the system, beginning Friday, to provide the inmate at the Old Colony Correctional Center at Bridgewater with a vegan diet that hews to his religious beliefs.Although the prison system had offered Yeboah-Sefah a standard vegetarian diet, he has spent nearly a decade unsuccessfully seeking a vegan diet that excludes all animal products, including eggs and milk products.

In 1992, Boateng fathered a son, Jameel Moore. Like his dad, Jameel does not eat animal products. That’s because Boateng beat him to death when he was five weeks old.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    I believe that Boeteng’s wishes should be granted: feed him nothing but gruel (oatmeal only – no sweetener or flavorings) and water until he expires. Let him meditate on that..oooohm!

  • Danny Lemieux

    Oh, OK…I suppose we could let him out into the yard to graze on the turf for an hour or so a day. Ooooohhhm!

  • Zhombre

    Penal institutions are supposed to be for punishment. Let him choose from standard prison fare, or starve.

  • Mike Devx

    Book ends her essay with:
    “In 1992, Boateng fathered a son, Jameel Moore. Like his dad, Jameel does not eat animal products. That’s because Boateng beat him to death when he was five weeks old.”

    What a fine concluding sentence, such an unexpected turn of phrase!

    Book, if you tried this technique in a courtroom, you’d surely cause opposing counsel to leap to their feet, yelling “OBJECTION! OBJECTION!” in the loudest voice possible, hoping against all hope they’d blunted its impact on the jury!

    Reading that kind of interesting wordsmithing made my morning. Cicero pauses his heavenly activities and nods in pleased approval!

    We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!


    As to the inmate in question, I’ve always thought a nutritious gruel should suffice for every prisoner absent a serious health condition that would require something different.

    That, and the removal of all weight-training related exercise equipment, because let’s face it, one of the major problems with these criminals is the way they manage power over their prey – I mean, oops, other people – and weightlifting and bulking up is just another form of a power game over other people, for predators.

    Let them do calisthenics and pushups and pullups and stomach crunches, I say.

    And I kinda really like Sheriff’s Joe’s idea of washing their white uniforms with reds, so that they’re always wearing pink. The whole idea is to break down their absolute need for power and domination over their prey – oops, I did it again – I mean, over other people.