My McAfee virus protection stopped working.  I finally discovered why:  the latest updates conflict with my Norton Ghost, which is my computer back-up system.  That puts me between a rock and hard place, doesn’t it?  Aargh!

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  • suek

    Check out Avast – they have a free version for non-comnercial sites.
    You’ll never know it’s running.
    Vouched for by http://www.majorgeeks.com/

    Also recommend “Spybot search and destroy” plus “spyware blaster” after you’ve done the search and destroy.

  • Ymarsakar

    I use AVG, which is free, because it uses extremely small amounts of RAM and processing power. Only around 40 megabytes for background scanning.

    Since I run Vista, having more free ram and processes is extremely important for performance.

    McAfree and Norton are loaded to the heels with background software threads that eat up ram and processing power.

    I found out that I don’t really need all those bells and whistles they offers, so why should I take the hit for them performance wise?

  • suek

    AVG and Avast are the same company…one is their commercial branch, one is their free version. I’ve forgotten which is which – we use the commercial version for the store computers, I use the free version at home.

    In line (a bit) with your “Why would someone…” thread”, I got the AVG (or whichever) a number of years ago when we had a problem with Norton, and I needed something for my home computer. I had found MajorGeeks, and because of the recommendations there, went with AVG. I mentioned it to hubby when it was time to renew with Norton. He more or less said “you only get junk for free”. So I shut up about it. You can imagine my silent snicker when his tech guy recommended Avast, and he bought it for all the store machines, then realized that they were the same company…!

  • Ymarsakar

    He more or less said “you only get junk for free”. So I shut up about it.

    The internet has made so much wealth that even the “junk” is valuable.

  • Ymarsakar

    one is their commercial branch, one is their free version.

    Doesn’t seem like a very good market strategy to separate their two flag ship products in this manner.

    then realized that they were the same company…!

    Word of mouth is extremely important to new companies and it is usually not a good idea to separate your brand names out before you have gotten your name to be recognized easily in the market place.

  • Ymarsakar

    It took about 10 seconds, from the time I re-activated AVG’s background protection, to when it picked up 2 system viruses in my vista sub directory sys32.

    Vista normally does not allow you to delete files your windows system directory(it’s called a security feature, which is what I call a nanny feature), but avg was able to lock out those two files by putting them into the vault.

  • rockdalian


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