More music from the 1980s

It seems I’m not the only one who looks back on the early 1980s as a good era musically.  So, for fun, here are a few other songs.

First, Philip Bailey and Phil Collins with 1985’s Easy Lover:

Second, Stevie Wonder’s I Just Called to Say I Love You from 1984:

Third, and last, in this trip to the past, 1984’s Sea of Love, which was the Honeydrippers’ remix of the original 1959 song:

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  • Gringo

    To each their own. Give me Ella, Sarah, and Billy. Throw in Bob Wills, the King of Western Swing. Right now I am listening to Sarah singing Honeysuckle Rose.

  • soccerdad

    Did you realize that the Honeydrippers is Robert Plant, he of Led Zeppelin fame? I never knew he could sing a ballad without that awful screech.

    I had once looked for a Stevie Wonder song You Tube, but it seemed that all of his performances that had been posted were taken down.

    It’s amazing how ubiquitous Phil Colllins was in the 80’s – not only did he lead Genesis – following the departure of Peter Gabriel – and pursued a solo career, he became a major producer of Frida – formerly of Abba, Eric Clapton (I think some of Clapton’s worst work) and others. (Jeff Lynne of ELO similarly because a big producer in the 80’s.)

  • maroonedinmarin

    Yes soccerdad, Robert Plant with the Honeydrippers and, by the way, that was also Jimmy Page playing the guitar solo on the song. This was about a year before the Live Aid concert which before then, Plant refused to play any Zeppelin at his shows. I love his early solo stuff, like Burning Down One Side, Big Log, I’m In The Mood, and a lot of songs off the Shaken & Stirred album.

    And what can be said of Phil Collins that hasn’t been said. I just downloaded “I Missed Again” from itunes for my personal collection. Yes, he did get my personal hero Eric Clapton out of the countryfied funk he was in by producing the great Behind the Sun record from 85(Forever Man, Same Old Blues, She’s Waiting) and the overproduced August.

    Thanks for more 80’s Bookworm! Now you’ve inspired me, as I might have to put a few of my own on my blog.

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