Not what you expect from NPR

From 1987 through 2003, I listened to NPR with religious fervor.  It was my church.  Everything I knew, I knew from NPR.  In 2003, I discovered the internet and began following up on stories I heard on NPR.  I learned for the first time that NPR had not only an anti-Israel bias — one that usually saw me screaming at my radio before snapping it off — but an anti-anything but lockstep liberalism bias.  I tried to listen to it after 2003, just to remain informed about the “other side” politically, but didn’t have the time or the energy.  It became too irksome to me that my taxpayer dollars were (and are) funding something so relentlessly one-sided politically.

Something strange happened at NPR this weekend, however.  Scott Simon, a regular NPR commentator, broke free of the liberal stranglehold and broadcast a very strong criticism of Obama.  It touches upon his reckless spending, his broken campaign promises, and his attack on Republicans on racist grounds.  Aside from a mean throw-away line about bloggers, it is a model of rational thinking.  Very peculiar — but absolutely worth the three minutes and thirty seconds it takes to listen to the comment.

Hat tip:  Happy Catholic via The Anchoress

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  • Zhombre

    Senator Obama may not have sufficient Teflon to last the four months to the election. This guy’s ambition, arrogance and shiftiness may yet be evident to the voting public. It’s a game of last man standing for McCain and he’s won that game before. If the North Vietnamese couldn’t break McCain, if the Republican establishment and talk radio couldn’t bring McCain to heel, is some well-tooled Chicago machine politician with ambition in wildly inverse relation to his experience going to best hinm? Don’t bet on it.

  • Quisp

    I had a similar NPR journey. I’m wondering if your memory of the post-Lewinsky coverage of Clinton matches mine. I don’t recall overt defenses of the man, but they suddenly began using soundbites of his voice at every possible opportunity. The craftiness of that broadcast decision came to epitomize NPR to me.

    The network’s been pretty pro-Hillary (unsurprising) so I’d expect a few pot-shots at Obama before they settle back into the party line.